Wellness Challenge: Adding Bee Pollen to Your Diet

bee-pollen bee-pollen
Is everyone all relaxed after last week’s challenge of laying low? I hope so! Don’t forget to incorporate that challenge into your life moving forward—we all deserve a break!

This week I wanted to bring the focus onto adding something a little funky—but really, really good for you—into your diet. I personally use my morning or afternoon smoothies as a placeholder for a ton of superfoods, and my latest addition to add in is…bee pollen!

I know it sounds crazy and very LA, but I promise it’s worth picking up and trying! Bee pollen is extremely high in protein and amino acids, so I love having it in the morning or whenever I need a quick pick-me-up. It’s also a good addition to pre- or post-workout snacks to add or restore protein.

It’s actually been used in ancient cultures—like China—for decades as a natural energy source. On top of adding protein and energy, I’ve read benefits like: prevents the cold and flu, helps with cravings, improves vitality and endurance, regulates intestines, reduces inflammation, and helps relieves stress. See? Good stuff!

Challenge: Add bee pollen to your diet

I personally like adding a scoop (I like California Fluffy Fresh which they sell at Whole Foods) to my smoothies daily, like I mentioned. Bee pollen can also be mixed into yogurt, cottage cheese, whatever you want. I find that adding them to my smoothie gets them digested without changing the flavor of the drink because they can take a little getting used to on their own. Just add a small amount to see if you notice a flavor change, and if not, add a bit more until you hit one serving.

Obviously check with your doctor if you have any questions, but I’ve noticed a safe and healthy change adding this little superfood to my day!

Are you guys willing to try this? Let me know what you think!

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  1. This is so interesting and informative! I’ve read about the benefits of honey but never about bee pollen! I would like to have them soon but I don’t know where to get them as I haven’t heard or seen them in any malls here in my city.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful piece of information to us! 🙂

    love lots,


  2. Love all the benefits of bee pollen but sadly I have seasonal allergies to pollen. It’s important to note that there have been cases of people going into anaphylactic shock from ingesting bee pollen if they have seasonal allergies :(. As soon as I took a sip of my smoothie with bee pollen, my throat became itchy. On to the next superfood for me!

    Great post xx

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