Is Homemade Almond Milk Really That Much Better? Plus, a recipe.

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I make just about everything at home and do it with joy, but almond milk was where I drew the line. For whatever reason, I found the whole making-your-own-almondmilk thing to be rather pretentious. I gave it one big eye roll. My thought was, there are a variety of high quality almond milks out there and the $2 organic brand at Whole Foods was perfectly suitable IMHO.

Then, I met Amanda Chantal Bacon.

Amanda is my moon goddess. I just love her and her famous store, Moon Juice. When we met for an “Alchemy sesh” in honor of the opening of her new Melrose location, I pretty much attacked her like a lawyer interrogating someone on the stand. We covered a LOT of ground, plenty of which you can watch in our upcoming wellness reality show which is coming soon (shameless plug!), and naturally one of those things was almond milk. When I asked if she made her own, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m talking to AMANDA CHANTAL BACON! Of course she makes her own! “It’s better both in flavor and nutrients” she said, and then offered to come over and make it with me. I know! I died!

Like any good fan girl, I bought almonds the next damn day and got to making my first batch of…eye roll…homemade almond milk. Sure enough, it’s really that much better!

I’ve since played with a variety of recipes and have settled on a personal favorite plain version (I’m still fine-tuning strawberry and vanilla date…double eye roll, maybe even triple?).

Here’s how to make it:

1. Soak 1 cup of organic almonds in two cups of (I use alkaline) water for 24 hours (overnight is fine too).

2. Rinse soaked almonds.

3. Add soaked almonds and three cups of (I use alkaline) water to a high-speed blender and blend for two minutes.

4. Strain through a nut bag (I use this one), jar, and enjoy!










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  1. I actually stopped buying almond milk after I had read ingredients lists. To my surprise, there were chemical additives even in more expensive products (maybe it’s just my country, but it’s so not worth it!). I’ll be happy to try your recipe. The only thing I’m wondering about: how long you’re supposed to store it in the fridge?

  2. I’ve only done my own almond milk twice. I need to start doing it more! I like to add some Cinnamon to mine, and let me tell you, it goes quick!

  3. Great piece! I totally hear you – sometimes you just have to draw the line at some point. But homemade ‘milk’ is a good one to keep on the list – most store bought ones have additives that sound fine, but actually are terrible for you.

    My favorite at home is a combo hemp seed & Brazil nut. Super simple, no soaking needed & you eat the whole product, so more fiber (yay).

    5 c water, 4 tbs hemp hearts, 2 tbs Brazil nuts, 3 medjool dates, splash of vanilla & a sprinkle of sea salt. Blend in Vitamix & enjoy!!



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