How To Unwind While Traveling

You guys may have seen on my Snapchat or Instagram that on a recent business trip to New York, we had to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas! It was super scary (I freaked out!), but we made it safely to New York after one interesting night in Vegas.

I travel fairly often and after 30+ years of doing so, I’ve found how to switch my mindset and make the experience a lot better. Traveling used to feel stressful and like a waste of time, but I’ve started making it a peaceful, relaxing experience—when I’m not emergency landing! After all, it’s a time where you can unplug and focus on you. Here are a few ways that I unwind while on the road:


I meditate anywhere and everywhere. The plane (or car if you aren’t driving!) is a perfect time to center yourself and focus on your breath. Take time to close your eyes, count in for about 5 seconds, hold for 5, then release. Do this over and over until it no longer feels good. This can be especially helpful if the whole flying thing stresses you out!

Read or listen

Traveling is when I can seriously catch up on reading. And while I love a real book at times, I’ve been really into listening to them. Sometimes reading on a plane can make me queasy—and if I’m on a road trip I obviously can’t read—so Audible has become my BFF. It’s super simple; you just download a book and then listen to it on WiFi or not – another thing I love because I’m not always connected to the Internet. Into it? Try it out with a 1-month free trial right here! There’s something soothing about listening to a book via my headphones, and it’s become a staple for me.

Here’s what I’m listening to lately: Love Warrior (part of Oprah’s book club which I’m always a fan of, and it’s a memoir of a great author), Amy Schumer’s book, and The Power of Habit.


If I’m traveling, it’s a great time to turn inward, slow down, and listen to what my body is telling me. There’s usually not a lot else to focus on – especially while on a plane – so I love to bring my journal and let it out. I jot down any concerns, goals, thoughts, memories, ideas, etc. – basically just get everything in my mind out on paper. I always feel much lighter after doing this practice!

What’s your favorite way to unwind while traveling?

Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are truthfully my own!

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