4 Ways to Debloat Post-Thanksgiving

debloat after thanksgiving
Hope everyone had a great day yesterday! But is anyone else suuuper bloated today? If you’re like me, post-Thanksgiving (and really any day after eating a lot of sodium and drinking alcohol) I wake up with a bloated face/belly and feel puffy all over. I really hate it, especially if I have to go anywhere or wear makeup. To avoid looking like a swollen mess over the years, I’ve tried just about everything to see what works. The 4 tips below actually give me results and I’ll definitely be checking off this list today:

Sweat it out

Without doubt, getting cardio in or some other form of exercise that induces sweat (hot yoga is great too) helps me de-puff. Sweat out the toxins and get things moving. A family hike is perfect or maybe even some flag football?!

Ice dunk

I once read that a model did this and it’s now my go-to when I’m bloated. Put 10 ice cubes in a sink and then fill the rest with water. Dunk your face in for as long as you can stand a few times. If I don’t have a sink to use, I’ll grab a few ice cubes and wrap them in a paper towel, then rub around my face and eyes. I love this product for under my eyes, too, if I really need the help.

Face massage

This is sometimes called a lymph drainage massage or a Korean beauty facial and it’s amazing! I do this almost every morning, but I spend extra time when I’m sleep-deprived, hungover, or bloated (read: today). Rub in circular motions around your hairline and jaw for 30 seconds. Next, find your cheek bones and continuously drag your fingers down the bone for another 30 seconds. Lastly, lightly pinch your jawline up and down for about a minute.

Recovery hydration

The key to aiding with puffiness! In the morning, I’ll have hot water + lemon 30 minutes before I eat to help with digestion, and then I basically chug water all day. I’ll add cucumber to get in extra hydration since I’m also usually dry if I’ve had a lot of salt.

What do you do to debloat? I’d love to add more tips to my arsenal!


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