Wellness Challenge: Single Tasking

Wellness Challenge: Single Tasking
Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing holiday weekend and found some peaceful moments with friends and family!

I spent time with my family—including a lot of little kids—and as I observed them, it got me thinking about single-tasking. Kids might be wild and always moving, but they don’t have the adult urge to get a million things done at once—so refreshing. Between chores, errands, jobs, and tech, I feel like I’m constantly trying to focus on multiple things at once. When I’m watching TV, I’m on my phone browsing Pinterest or trying to get through emails. I even catch myself trying to clean up the house while brushing my teeth. It never ends. And it’s exhausting, right?!

I looked more into it, and CNN even vouches that single-tasking is better for your brain and lowers stress levels, “we finish about 50 percent less when attempting to tackle a few duties at once, instead of focusing on each one individually.” Interesting, yea? I’m all about it.

As the rest of the holidays approach quickly and general craziness of life speeds up, I want to take things slower. I want to be in the moment and give one thing my attention at a time.

Challenge: Give up multi-tasking in lieu of single-tasking

For this week, and the rest of December hopefully, I’m going to single-task. One thing at a time. If I’m reading a book, I won’t be looking at my Instagram every 5 minutes. If I’m on a walk, I might even leave my headphones at home to engage solely in my time outdoors. I think it’ll take some getting used to and I’ll probably catch myself multi-tasking out of pure habit, but I’m going to try my best and then assess if I feel more productive and less stressed. Join me?

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  1. Ugh yes, also a big multi-tasker on this end but you are right, we can learn so much from the little ones. Thanks for this nudge! Have a great week and best wishes from London! finja

  2. Love the idea of single-tasking and have just recently read about it elsewhere. I think it is a part of learning to live intentionally, with a focus on the present moment at hand. It is something that I am working on sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Thank you for sharing.

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