How To Make Guests And Hosts Feel Comfortable

How to make guests and hosts feel comfortable
Happy almost Thanksgiving, guys! Hope everyone celebrating is getting excited and has their stretchy pants ready, ha.

No matter if you’re hosting or celebrating at someone else’s house, holidays can be stressful. Sure, they are amazing, too, but we all know that hosting or attending can come with baggage. Here are ways to make each party feel comfortable:

If you’re a host

  • Have an obvious and designated place for people’s things as soon as they walk in. Make signs for the coat closet or keep a basket in the foyer for people’s purses.
  • Brainstorm a few things people can help with. Lots of guests want to help and it actually makes them feel comfortable, so think of things—like filling up drinks, making sure the candles are lit in bathrooms, what channel NFL games are on—to put them to use.
  • Keep blankets out. In case people get cold (I am ALWAYS cold), lay some blankets on the back of chairs and couches.
  • Have an activity going on. To ease any awkward silences, especially if you have new people in your home, make sure there is either sports on, cards out, or something for people to do. Something as silly as a Thanksgiving coloring book works too.

If you’re a guest

  • Instead of constantly asking what you can do to help, be proactive. Refill appetizers when you see them running low, let the dog out, refill napkins.
  • Follow through with what you brought. If you brought an appetizer, make sure it’s ready to go and in front of people—don’t make the host do that. If you brought wine, open a couple bottles and walk around pouring.
  • Use common sense. We all know how it is when you’re hosting and people throw a bunch of questions that you’re trying to answer while cooking or setting up. Instead of asking where the bathroom is, look around first.
  • If you don’t know what to bring, bring alcohol or a game. Two things that are perfect for most gatherings and they’ll actually get used during Thanksgiving.

I hope that helps! At the end of the day, holidays are about spending time together, so put your phone away either way and enjoy your time.



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  1. Really good tips! I’m always so awkward at house parties, whether I’m the host or the guest. Luckily, the children are always invited so they end up wanting me to play with them haha

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