Wellness Challenge: Gratitude

Wellness Challenge: Gratitude
Everyone super relaxed after last week’s challenge involving lavender? Good.

With Thanksgiving coming up and after a couple of weird weeks, I’ve been honing in on what I’m grateful for. I’ve been taking time to notice the small things throughout the day that make me happy and thankful. Whether that’s my coffee being the perfect temperature, finding a good parking spot (which is actually a miracle in LA), or seeing a cute dog, there are so many tiny things that I take for granted as I’m rushing through life. Being mindful of noticing these little treasures has felt amazing. So, this week, I challenge you to do the same.

Challenge: Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude seems to be a trend in the wellness world right now, but if you aren’t already incorporating a true routine of it, start now. Here are a few ways to track what you’re thankful for—during the week of Thanksgiving and after.

If you like structurethis book is a favorite of mine. You start and end your day with it, and it gives you a prompt to list things like: what will make this day a good one, 3 amazing things that happened today, what you could have improved, and room for a daily mantra. Plus, it gives an inspiring quote each day and a weekly challenge, which I love. (P.S. This book is a great gift—it’s actually how I received mine, and I’m so thankful for it.)

If you tend to forget things…dedicate a page of “notes” in your phone’s notepad to everything you’re grateful for. Jot something down right after you see it.

If you love pictures…Use your phone to snap a photo of all the little things that made you smile that day. Eventually print those photos for your fridge or a “gratitude wall” in your home. This is a perfect way to get kids involved too since so many love their devices!

If you’re super busy…you don’t have to write or take a picture. Simply think of 3 things you’re grateful for before bed each night, or make it a family practice at the dinner table.

And I’m sure a lot of people already do something similar during their Thanksgiving, but we always lay out a piece of paper and pencil for people to jot down what they’re thankful for. You then put them in a bowl in the center of the table and take turns pulling out a note to read to the group. I challenge you to do something like this if you don’t already.

I’m especially thankful for you following along, and I appreciate every single reader and comment. I hope you have a wonderful week!




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  1. YES YES Yes!I love you!The gift of Gratitude is priceless!Journalling gratitude as well as other spiritual thoughts,feelings,and emotions daily for me is a great practice!Dbear you Rock!

  2. I also have a rock that says gratitude on it and put it in different places to remind myself what I am grateful for.I start with the things that a lot of us forget like,I have a roof over my head,I have running water,I have food to eat,I am healthy and the list can go on!

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