Turning Comparison Into Drive

Comparison is tricky. It can lead to unfair personal expectations and judgement against others. And with the constant social media browsing and access to other people’s lives 24/7, I’ve started feeling like a lot of my days revolve around comparison. A blogger who has an unreal closet, a fitness girl who has abs I could only dream of, or even a friend who is taking advantage of her day while I’m being lazy on my couch. I haaate the feeling.

But instead of completely shutting down my social media accounts and becoming a hermit—which I do think is healthy here and there—I’ve started thinking about ways to turn all this comparison into something positive—like drive.

If I start to feel jealousy or comparison towards someone, why not stop and think about why? Why is it that I’m feeling these emotions towards this person or post? What’s missing from my life or how can I improve? And is what I’m comparing even on the same level and fair? What I mean by that is, at some point, we have to accept the fact that there will always be someone richer, thinner, younger, prettier, healthier, nicer, whatever—but that shouldn’t stop us from being the best version of ourself. Sure, we’ll never have the same butt as a 17 year old (but we can have a cute, strong one!) or the funds of Oprah, but we can strive to make our personal situation mimic that in a healthy, realistic, driven way.

If I feel comparison to a girl who has a killer body, it should push me to get back to the gym or go for a walk to feel better about my body. If there’s a chick killing the cooking game, I’m probably craving to create a new recipe. If someone dresses well, maybe I should spend time organizing my closet and mixing my wardrobe up. We are all completely able to turn comparison into drive and take the negative spin and turn it positive. All it takes is a change in our perspective.

Next time you’re scrolling through Instagram, I urge you to find the drive hiding in comparison. Find what your body and mind are screaming to try or change. Find little ways to lessen what you wish you had—and instead make changes to gain or improve whatever that is! I’ll be doing it right alongside you…



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  1. Love this. I really struggle with comparison, and feeling negative about it. I’ve tried to stop comparing myself to the people around me, but that only works to an extent, definitely going to try and turn those last few comparisons into a positive push in the right direction – thank you!

    – Natalie

  2. HUGE THANK YOU for this post!

    “Next time you’re scrolling through Instagram, I urge you to find the drive hiding in comparison.”

    Sometimes all we need it’s someone make ourselves open up to a productive approach, which we surely know, but simply like this.

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