10 Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients To Ditch NOW

Fun fact: The last time Congress thoroughly overhauled the regulation of personal care products like cosmetics and shampoo, World War II had not yet begun.

Nearly 80 years later, personal care is a multibillion-dollar business, and many of the ingredients used in soaps and face creams are complex—and potentially dangerous—chemical compounds.

This could all change soon. Legislation that would introduce a far more serious degree of regulatory oversight to the personal care products industry is proceeding in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Consumer safety groups are pushing for stricter laws. And the call for more stringent oversight of the industry is coming from a coalition of companies including BeautyCounter.

With our health at risk, I wanted to understand more about what actually goes into clean beauty, so in the latest episode of ‘The Wellness Experiment,’ we visit the headquarters of Erbaviva, a prestigious clean beauty line. Watch and learn (HERE) as we make our own organic beauty products (which are clean enough to eat, I can attest as I tried them myself) and get a crash-course on clean beauty education including the top 10 toxic cosmetic ingredients we should all ditch (listed above).

p.s. do you have any favorite clean beauty products?

Source: NY Times



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  1. I went to a Young Living rally recently and they had a few slides in their presentation that talked about the chemicals found in skin care and I almost fell out of my chair. Although the FDA says these chemicals are safe in small amounts, what happens when you use multiple products with the same chemicals? The amounts are no longer that small! I recently switched to Lush for my skin care and I’m obsessed – I think it’s called the Dark Angel face wash? And the tea tree toner spray.

  2. I love that you’re addressing these things that many companies are adding to their products with their own ends in mind vice the consumers health!

    In my life I’m down with Arbonne :)If only they made dish detergent too!

    With an eye to disclosure, I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant…I just loved the products so much!

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