Keeping Up With Your Health

Did everyone enjoy treating yourselves last week? I hope so!

On top of giving in to indulgences, something that’s incredibly important for your mind and body is staying healthy. Obviously. But in addition to exercise, eating greens, and getting enough sleep, it’s also on you to keep up with your health via doctor appointments. It’s definitely an annoying part of being an adult, but keeping up with your check-ups is imperative to catching (god-forbid!) health issues before they get too serious, and for peace of mind that you’re all good.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I love that it provides a general reminder to get screened. It also got me thinking about the other checkups that I should be getting now that I’m in my 30s. It seems like the age to start getting to the doctor for a handful of new reasons.

Obviously everyone’s health, body, and beliefs are VERY different, but what we all have in common is that certain screenings are a must—and health is a priority.

Challenge: Talk to your doctor and come up with a schedule of what you personally need/want to be screened for or treated for. Schedule any that need to be done within the next 12 months.

Again, talk to your doctor, but I wanted to provide a general list of the screenings/treatment women should have, how often, and at what age. Unless noted, the details below are based on women without issues in that certain area.

  • Dentist—1-2x a year for an exam + cleaning.
  • Blood pressure—Every 2 years.
  • Cholesterol—At least every 5 years if you’re over 20.
  • Diabetes—If you have high blood pressure or a BMI over 25, you should be screened.
  • Eyes—Every 2 years if you have vision problems.
  • Immunizations—Flu shot 1x a year, Tetanus booster every 10 years, HPV vaccine 1 time if you’re ages 18-26.
  • Physical exam—Every 1-2 years. Check blood pressure, skin, cervical cancer screening (ages 21+), height, weight, and BMI.
  • Breasts—Ages 20-40 monthly self breast exam & clinical breast exam every 3 years, mammogram age 40+.
  • Pelvic exam & Pap—Every 3 years (if you’ve had recurring normal tests and are with the same partner). Every 2 years if you’re sexually active with new partners or in your early 20s.
  • Bone density—Age 65+.
  • Blood glucose—Every 3 years starting at age 45.
  • Colon cancer—Age 50+, every 5-10 years. Colonoscopy every 10 years.

Source: Medline Plus and Everyday Health



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  1. Oh wow this is informative! I didn’t know that all those tests were necessary. I only go for a physical exam every year as part of office mandate.

  2. This is very “conventional” thinking. There are so many ways to really know if you are healthy that do not include these. They are the ones often overlooked and critical. Here are a few I URGE everyone to do:

    – For your physical, ask your doctor to do a vitamin and mineral panel. You want to see what you are insufficient in. This is so absolutely important. Your body needs the right amount of minerals (even more than Vitamins) to function. This could be the difference between you living to 90 or getting breast cancer at 35. If the dr says no, FIND ANOTHER DR. Also, if your Vitamin D is not around 70 supplement with 5K IUDs until you get to that level. Yes, it is high but that is where you reap the immense benefits. Ferritin is also another very important number that is often overlooked.

    – Use pH strips to see if your body is acidic or alkaline. An acidic body = disease.

    – Get a breast thermography. It can detect cancer many years before a tumor is visible in an MRI or CT scan. If you know something is happening early, you can change your diet/lifestyle and reverse the changes.

    I learned this the tough way. I have reversed cervical dysplasia twice with nutrition so I know that the body is constantly working to keep us alive.

    Health and Love to all. xx

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