Wellness Challenge: Using Lavender

As a little girl, I can remember loving lavender plants because of the pretty purple flower and yummy smell. As I’ve gotten older, my appreciation for the plant has remained, and it’s actually become an integral part of my self-love and wellness practice.

It’s shown to host a handful of benefits, in addition to the highly publicized ones like stress-reduction and sleep promotion—though those are two of my favorite perks! This week, I want to suggest adding the healing plant in one way or another, depending on what your body and mind need.

Challenge: Start using lavender

From oils to the actual plant, here’s what lavender can help and heal:

Lavender essential oil

  • Mixed with warm water and olive oil, this combo can relieve dandruff.
  • Diffused, it can help you relax. Try to diffuse this oil about an hour before bed or if you’re stressed. I especially like to mix meditation and diffusing this oil for ultimate bliss mode.
  • It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, so apply it to skin to aid with bug bites or itchy skin.

Dry lavender

  • Topped over Greek yogurt, dried culinary lavender can promote healthy digestion and reduce bloat.
  • Drank as tea before bed is a nice, relaxing routine, and one that I love.
  • Set some in a vase or cup next to your nightstand or desk to reduce anxiety.

I also love using a lavender spray on my pillows and sheets, or an eye mask if I’m not sleeping well or traveling (plus how adorable is that mask?!). This foot soak is also ahhhmazing after a long day on your feet.

I’d LOVE to know how you use lavender in your routine if you already do so! And if not, here’s to its benefits and relaxing vibes.

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