A Post-Election Wellness Prescription

I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been in a funk since the election, and I know I’m not alone. No matter who you voted for, the general sentiment of our nation seems “off.” As I’m trying to stay positive and get myself into a better headspace, I figured it called for a little post-election wellness prescription. If anyone else needs to be on the plan with me—or a feel-good recipe in general, here it is:

Ladies night – Get your girls together and host a night celebrating women. Whether that’s watching an inspiring movie with a female lead like Erin Brockovich, or just talking about your fears and feelings, get together to continue the conversation and action of empowering women.

Digital detox – Steer clear of CNN, Facebook, and tech in general. Clear your mind of the clutter and give yourself a break from the noise. Don’t go back until you’re ready.

Get involved – Start a list of what’s most important to you, then research ways to get involved in local politics or programs. Share what you’re doing with friends in case they too are interested.

Find gratitude – I love doing this whenever I’m feeling blah, but it seems especially important right now. Create a list of every single thing you’re thankful for. Look back at the list each morning, and add to it whenever you want.

Do something good – Whether that’s cleaning out your closet and donating to Goodwill, or volunteering at a local shelter, find something that’ll make your soul happy. Spread the love!

Get inspired – Spend your time before bed reading a book about an inspiring woman or person. I suggest Eat Pray Love, Wild, or Sister Outsider depending on what you’re feeling. Anything about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is incredibly inspiring to me, too.

Let go of emotions – Sometimes, we all need a cry, a scream into a pillow…or a serious boxing session. The need to get emotions out is natural and healthy, so find a safe way to do so.

Pamper yourself – Because a little face mask (and maybe a bottle of wine??) never hurts!

I really do hope those ideas help, no matter what you believe in. If you need more self-care tips, here’s another list.


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  1. hey geri, wanted to ask you a quick question!
    let me start off by saying i absolutely adore you and have been following you (as a lurker) for YEARS. i have always loved your style and personality that comes through your posts and pictures. you are the only blogger i have remained loyal to and care to continue checking in on! i love how you have added wellness content to your blog posts, and enjoy reading about your thoughts and experiences on how to take better care of yourself, as such things are important to me as well.
    here is my question: Why aren’t you vegan?? i really hope me asking this does not come across as snarky or judgemental, i really truly am just curious. i feel like you must be well informed on how animal agriculture and animal products are harming our bodies and envirornment. totally tell me to shut up if this is not appropriate for me to ask : )

    1. Hi Sophie! Aww thank you so much for your kinds words, support and for continuing to check in. I really appreciate it. HUGSSSS.

      Good question…and I get this a lot. I’ve tried going entirely vegan and my body didn’t take to it well. Instead, I try to maintain a clean diet which mostly consists of organic food that comes from the earth (I grow a lot of it myself at home), whole grains and a little bit of sustainable fish. This combo leads to a lot of vegan meals which I LOVE.

      Ten years ago I gave up meat almost entirely after reading every Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan book written. The damage to the environment, animals and our bodies was simply not worth it HOWEVER I identify with the flexitarian philosophy which means I will eat meat if my body needs it (it’s rare but it happens). I wrote about it a few months back, if you care to read it here’s the link: https://becauseimaddicted.net/2016/06/flexitarian-2016.html.

      Hope this answers your question!



  2. In lieu of Holiday gifts for family and friends, we will be making donations to planned parenthood in each family’s and friend’s names…There are many organizations to choose from…This has already made us feel better…❤️

  3. I love you!Yes Gratitude But we must allow ourselves to feel what it is,accept it rather than to fight it orfilll it with alcohol,drugs food,shopping etc.I agree doing a service for others helps us to have freedom from bondage of self.I also found writing and getting it out on paper,painting, drawing ,scribbling is a good way to get a release.Most importantly Have faith that your inner knower will lead you guide you,direct you and protect you.

  4. Feelin’ all the feels with you girl. I think the general sentiment from everybody has been “What a rough week.” Last night I met up with the Ladies Adventure Club (in Los Angeles) for a Super Moon gathering. We did outdoor yoga and meditation and hiked to see the moon – it was exactly what I needed after this week. Just gathering with supportive women who are there to connect with one another and to share. It was the loveliest thing.

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