Simple Beauty Prep For Holiday Events

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Thank you to Gillette Venus for partnering with me. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Even though it takes extra effort, I do enjoy getting dolled up for all the holiday parties that come with December. The problem comes with time—I just don’t have the time to do a full beauty routine before every event. Because of that, I’m all about simple beauty prep. I love anything that helps to simplify my routine and gets me ready for parties, even last-minute ones, without a ton of extra time and effort. Here are 3 things I’m incorporating to my beauty routine while prepping for all the events:

Hair removal – Since the holidays involve bare legs and skirts (at least in LA), I’ve been on a mission to get smooth legs without the anxiety that comes with shaving. Insert the (brilliant, adorable, and tech-breaking) Gillette Venus Silk-expert powered by Braun. It’s a form of IPL—intense pulsed light—that breaks the cycle of hair re-growth after continuous treatments. It uses SensoAdapt technology which ‘reads’ your skin to deliver just the right amount of light based on your specific skin and area of your body, so it’s even personalized to be as effective as possible. It comfortably makes hair lighter, thinner, and even permanently removes it if you use it correctly. AMEN! I’ve only done a few treatments and have seriously noticed a difference already—just in time for holiday parties. I’ll do a treatment while watching TV, and appreciate that as the sessions go, I don’t have to spend as much time in the shower. More importantly, I’m ready for bare legs 24/7—such a lifesaver for busy party season. You can get a Venus Silk-expert at Bed Bath & Beyond, or on like I did.

Apple cider vinegar – This super affordable store-bought item is killer for a lot of beauty treatments. It’s great for helping your system and kidneys cleanse—a total necessity for sugary holiday food and drinks. I’ve starting having a shot of this in the a.m. before I eat to get things going. I also put a little into my conditioner for extra shiny locks, and straight onto my skin to get rid of sun and acne marks. I’m all about clear skin—especially as I’m wearing more makeup in December—and love how ACV tones my complexion so quickly.

Clean nails – I’m not a huge fan of gel nails because they are harsh, but I also don’t have the time to sit through a weekly manicure. This year, I’m all about bare, fresh nails. No dealing with chips or mismatched manis to whatever I’m wearing. It’s such a simple thing that adds a ton of relief. But since I don’t want bare ugly nails, I’ve been rubbing olive oil into my cuticles before bed each night, and am adamant about applying hand lotion and balm throughout the day. Each weekend I’ll spend about 10 minutes filing, buffing, and cleaning them up. My hands and nails look so much better this way, and it’s beyond simple!

What easy tweaks are you adding to your routine to be party ready?



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