5 Cozy Date Ideas

With Christmas just next week (eeek!), I’m really excited for a break from work and having family time. I’m also looking forward to this upcoming weekend because I have a good jump on presents and can have time hanging with my husband. We’ve both been to a bunch of holiday events but haven’t had much 1:1 time in December. Anyone else? If you’re in the same boat as us and are looking for cozy date ideas, I’ve got you covered.

Star wars

I’m assuming your significant other has also not stopped talking about Star Wars, so treat your guy to a movie date (of his choice). These movies are always good and you’ll have a better chance at the sappy Nicholas Sparks movie next time. Plus, popcorn!

Ice skating

OK, OK, before you think I’m all corny, ice skating is seriously fun. We actually went over Thanksgiving and laughed so hard. ‘Tis the season for getting in the rink and making fun of yourselves. Cozy it up with hot chocolate and a warm meal after.

Wine tasting

For some reason this is usually a group event, but how much fun does wine tasting just you two sound? I actually love hearing about wine and taking my time to enjoy it, and wineries are always pretty and romantic. Call an uber and head to your closest vineyard or tasting room.

Cocktail making class

Sticking with the alcohol theme here, switch up the normal cooking class by learning to make drinks instead. My husband and I both enjoy picking up a new skill and a little whiskey doesn’t hurt either. A class and then dinner would be the perfect combo!

Coffee + reading

Just because you’re at home and not doing anything fancy, to me that doesn’t mean it’s not a date. One of my favorite activities to do with my husband is to drink strong coffee & read in front of our fire. I mean, does it get cozier?! Not having anywhere to be and no outside noise is such a nice way to connect.

What date ideas are you loving lately?


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  1. Wine bar!!! That’s my kind of thing. Both me and boyfriend loooove wine tastings. He is the kind that likes to hear about the story behind each wine, the grapes etc. and I am the kind that just likes to drink it. Great suggestion:)


  2. Along the coffee lines – I like grabbing a cup from a local cafe and walking through the neighborhood with my husband to see all the Christmas lights. We did this Halloween night too, and it was SO FUN seeing all the houses decorated (apparently the nearby neighborhood goes all out with their decor), and all the cute trick-or-treaters. 🙂

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