Staying Healthy Through Holiday Travel

Staying healthy through holiday travel
Christmas week is officially here! If you celebrate or not, this is a heavily traveled time and it’s also the heart of cold & flu season. Between stuffy airplanes and germs everywhere, it’s hard not to get sick. And with all the events this week, it’s such a bummer when you do feel blah. To counteract everything going against our immune system, here are some simple ways to keep healthy:

Make sleep feel like home

We all know how vital sleep is by now, and it’s even more important during this time of year. If you’re on the road, make your hotel or whatever room you’re staying in feel like home. Bring a lavender spray for your pillows (or skin), and download a white noise app to drown out noises you aren’t used to. I also like to bring a pair of warm and cooler PJs depending on what the room’s temp is. Whatever you can do to get more sleep, do it!

Keep the air clean

I personally travel with a mini humidifier. It’s easy to pack, keeps air clean (great for clearing out germs floating around) and the air hydrated. If you feel a cold coming on, this can be a life-saver for congestion and sore throats.

Limit the booze

This sounds like a bummer, especially during the holidays, but it’s a simple way to limit feeling bad. Alcohol can affect your immune system, wreak havoc on quality of sleep, lead to unhealthy food choices, and it dehydrates you. For each drink you have, follow it up with a large glass of water, and don’t go overboard. Definitely skip the extra sugary drinks!


Exercise can go out the window during travel, but it’s key to staying healthy. You don’t have to find a gym or anything, simply go for a run or speed walk wherever you’re staying. Check out Yelp to find a close hike, and try to bring the family along for some fresh air and detoxification. Or, just pack a jump rope and sweat inside.

Up the nutrients

To counteract germs while traveling and overall exhaustion that comes with being on the road, I try to get in as many nutrients as possible via food. I make sure I’m having leafy greens throughout the day, Vitamin-C packed snacks, and TONS of water to flush my system. Everything you can do to promote nutrition is genius during this time.

Travel with a scarf

Airplane pillows and blankets freak me out, so I bring my own scarf to use as a pillow/blanket. Knowing that my own item is clean and hasn’t been coughed on by others is comforting, and it’s a little piece of home.

Obviously wash those hands as much as you can, too. I hope you have a healthy holiday week!

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  1. Bringing the humidifier is a great travel tip that I’ve recently discovered this past year. Has definitely helped me sleep better, breathe better and I find my skin isn’t as dry when I wake up in the morning. I haven’t tried the suggested brand, but I have tried the Boneco one and it works like charm. Highly recommend!

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