Here’s Why You Should Incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar Into Your Routine

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Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about how much I used lavender and enjoyed it? Well, I’m still on that kick, but lately I’ve found my new obsession to be apple cider vinegar. First off, it’s super cheap (as in under 10 bucks), and secondly, the benefits are stellar.

ACV is having a moment and you’ve probably seen it pop up in wellness-type articles and sites lately. Or, your grandma has been using it for decades. Either way, I’m all about this little wellness miracle right now, and urge you to start using it. Make SURE it’s unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% natural, though, or else you might be dealing with preservatives. This is my usual purchase.

Challenge: Incorporate apple cider vinegar into your routine

Personally, I like to take a swig first thing in the morning, or I’ll add it to hot lemon water. It can act as a detoxifier and helps to clear your kidneys. It’s also said to curb hunger or snack urges, but mainly it makes me feel cleared out to start my day.

Adding a shot to sparkling lime water with fresh lemon is a nice alternative for the afternoon. This recipe has a kombucha taste and it’s crazy refreshing. You can add honey or agave if you want to sweeten it up, but I personally like it sour. Either way, I drink it about 20 minutes before eating.

On top of being helpful to cleanse, it’s supposedly good for energy—another wonderful reason to have it in the morning or during your afternoon slump. The potassium and enzymes can help to fend off drowsiness. It’s been the perfect addition to counteract the regular holiday food (aka cookies) and energy dips.

Gargling with ACV can also get rid of bad breath, especially if you don’t like the chemicals in a lot of mouthwashes.

I have read that ACV can upset your stomach and even mess with your teeth’s enamel, so definitely ask your doctor or dentist before trying! Straws can help with the enamel problem. Personally, I don’t find any issues with a small shot 3-4x a week.


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      1. I have been drinking 1/2 a bottle a day (mixed with Sparkling water) for a few weeks now. It really does have a Kombucha taste at a fraction of the price.

  1. I drink acv with water and organic honey once I get up in the morning. I don’t know exactly if this is the reason I lost my belly fat. It feels good great to be in shape again.

  2. I’ve been using AVC fir almost 2 weeks now and seen a difference in my skin tone, my sleep feel more rested and have lots of energy in the morning. Also I’m not craving snacks or even my favorite food I like I’ve been able curb my appetite. I even went down 2 dress size. It works wonders I love to add 1 tbs yo a glass of water in the morning before eating and I usually just have coffee to go but I feel satisfied om not hungry. So I’m loving ACV I’ll definitely keep using it.

  3. I use ACV first thing in the morning. 2 TBS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR
    2 TBS of fresh squeezed lemon juice
    1 TSP of cinnamon
    1 TSP of organic raw honey
    Pinch of cayenne pepper
    Dash of ginger
    Mix in 8 OZ of warm water.
    This has caused my A1C to go from 10.8 to 6.1.
    I am a witness it help curbs your appetite. Over 2 years, I’ve loss a total of 144 pounds. I was my heaviest at 308. Now I’m at 166.

  4. I started drinking ACV for 2-3 weeks morning and bedtime only with 1-2 tsp of ACV unflitered Mother and 1tsp organic honey with warm warm and lemon added , then yesterday I read a story about 10 things why you shouldn’t drink ACV , and mentioning about problems in your legs and people who are diabetic of course you must ask your doctor first.Which I did she told me to drink ACV 30 mins before I take my medications.I get worried one minute they tell you its good for you then next there telling you not. Which is true here,!! I want to loose my belly fat plus the benefit of the ACV provides.will it help me with the portion um doing 2x aday , and also makes me go to the bathroom #2 is that normal as well.

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