Wellness Challenge: Give Your Mind A Workout

Wellness Challenge: Give your mind a workout
I’m feeling really great after moving slowly last week and single-tasking, anyone else? I’m still hitting moments where I start doing a few things at once just because I’m so used to it, but being mindful of single-tasking has been extremely refreshing.

Since that tweak has made my mind feel better and my productivity seems to be building, I wanted to keep pushing through on things that are good for my brain. While doing a little research, I started reading about working out your mind. I read that keeping your mind sharp can: improve memory,  increase your brain’s cognitive reserve, and make you smarter—among other things. Sounds excellent, right?

I learned that there are actually simple ways to continuously work your brain, so I wanted to share a list and urge you to do the same.

Challenge: Give your mind a workout

Here’s are 10 ways to do that—and you should take part in one of these each day:

  1. Learn a new language or at least some phrases. Learning in general is stellar for memory.
  2. Take a cooking class or teach yourself a new recipe. Along with memory, this expands the mind.
  3. Do a crossword puzzle. I bought a book of easier ones to get started, and as the book goes on, they get harder.
  4. Meditate to expand your attention span.
  5. Try something that tests your hand-eye ability like a puzzle, painting, or knitting.
  6. Exercise! The endorphins that you get from a workout (even something light like a walk) helps to keep your neuronal communication healthy.
  7. Color. Forcing yourself to stay in the lines is actually great for your brain and focus—plus it’s super relaxing. Here’s a book I love.
  8. Do simple math and skip using the calculator automatically. Work that brain!
  9. Volunteer. Interacting with strangers and people stimulates the mind.
  10. Use your non-dominant hand. While brushing your hair or teeth, this can activate a part of your brain that you don’t use as often.

Source: Everyday Health and Psych Central

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  1. I have been colouring for quite some time now. Sometimes I loose my patience with it but most of the time it helps me relax. I have tried knitting but boy, am I just bad at it. Great tips!

  2. I’m trying to work on single tasking because I feel like my brain is always moving a mile a minute, and I just can’t keep up.But yesterday I went to a private infrared sauna, where I listened to a guided meditation, and it was exactly what I needed after a week of feeling general overwhelm and anxiety. Just sitting still and calming my mind – simple things really, but difficult to implement when there’s always so much going on.

  3. Love your suggestions I do coloring in coloring books as well as painting on canvas it relaxes me!Exercise is a must for for me as well as mediation.I also do brain exercises.The most important things to do as we age is to have a social support system as well as exercise!

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