5 Podcasts Worth Listening To

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I love that you can be doing other things while listening and absorb info without having to be stagnant. I also enjoy catering what I’m listening to depending on my mood or what’s missing from my day—learning, motivation, laughs, self-improvement, whatever. Below you’ll find 5 podcasts that I adore on any day (all avail on iTunes!).

Good Life Project (~60 minutes) – I’m so grateful for this podcast. I listen to it while exercising or on walks—whenever I get some ‘me time’ or seek motivation. Tons of interviews with people in the self-improvement and happiness space, so I’m always getting a fresh perspective. It’s a true dose of how to live a balanced, meaningful life.

Young House Love (~30 minutes) – This is perfect for Monday mornings because it gets you in work mode, but in a cute, entertaining way. It’s a husband-wife duo and they talk about DIY, decor, and business. They also interview interesting bloggers, designers, and even TV personalities. Great way to get the creative juices flowing.

The Lively Show (20-60 minutes) – Intentions are very interesting to me, and the creator of this podcast, Jess, dives deep into the ego, intentions, mindfulness, etc. She’s super candid. She’s also a small business owner, so that aspect is interesting. Last year she got a divorce, sold her house and all her belongings, and bought a one-way ticket to Europe. Some Eat Pray Love vibes going on, and I like it.

The Mortified Podcast (~20 minutes) – This is hilarious albeit awkward at times. It’s adults reading from their childhood diaries (think song lyrics, crushes, fights, everything)! It brings me back, that’s for sure. It’s a short and sweet show that’s tons of fun.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her (~60 minutes) You might know Lauryn from her site, The Skinny Confidential, and she started podcasting last year. Her and her husband have grown the blog into a very successful site and brand, and I love hearing their insights on the world of digital marketing and blogging. They are both very real. Lauryn also talks a lot about wellness tips, and I’m obviously down for that.

See a couple more recommendations here. Happy listening!


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  1. I’ve only started listening to podcasts recently and I’ve been really loving them. I will definitely try out some of these 🙂

    Ali | alibourke.com

  2. Just fantastic- I’ve subscribed to each one! Podcasts are the easiest for my hour commute, I especially love listening to French ones to keep my language skills sharp. xx


  3. Definitely want to check out YoungHouseLove! Thank you for the recommendations.
    I have a feeling you’d love, A Few Things with Claire and Erica (the creators of Of a Kind based in NYC). I’m hooked on listening to them!

  4. I’ve heard about the good life project, I’m going to have to check that one out! I love Stuff You Should Know, it’s a great background for when I’m working on a project!

  5. I absolutely love podcasts! My housemates and I recently got into them for our walks to and from campus and they’re so fun because you feel inspired and less guilty for having earphones in because you’re learning things!

    My housemate loves serial, it’s a mystery podcast if you’re in to that stuff. A really funny one is Guys We F****d. One of my absolute favourites is Things Mom Never Told You! They cover so many great topics.


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