Not Giving A f***

Geri Hirsch Geri Hirsch Geri Hirsch Geri Hirsch
It’s been rather rainy here in LA but on days when the sun pops out, I’ve continued on with my no-pants theme (thank you, Hawaii!). As it turns out, wearing a one piece underneath a sheer skirt or dress anywhere far away from a concert stage or boardwalk is one big eyebrow lifter. People seem to either love it, “G, you’re giving me Beyonce right now and I’m drunk in love with it” (true quote and yes, she was actually drunk) or hate it. Which leads me to something I’m working on: NGAF. Translation: not giving a f***.

NGAF attitude might be something you either have or you don’t, BUT from my own experience, I do believe it is something one can learn. I’ve cared what people think for most of my life and I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or because I’m having an existential crisis, but I’ve been inching my way closer to the NGAF cornerโ€”and it’s a liberating place to find oneself. Especially pants-less.

Wearing: Forever 21 dress (similar here), Kate Spade bathing suit, Chloe studded boots,ย Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses, All Saints quilted leather jacket (similar here)

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  1. YES. I should definitely work on this! You should post something weekly about how this is going for you. Should be life changing!

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