Biggest Wellness Trends of 2017

For me, one of the funnest parts of 2016 was experimenting with wellness trends on a LEAFtv reality show. Last year gave us cupping, IV treatments, aerial yoga, lots of meditation, and weightless floating—some which I loved and others that I hated—so I’m thrilled to try what 2017 has in store for the wellness world. Since I’m obsessed with everything wellness and read a lot about it, I wanted to round up what I think will be the biggest wellness trends of 2017:

Reiki – This is a Japanese-based healing method created by a Buddhist monk over a hundred years ago. It basically suggests that a therapist, or healer, can heal you and move your energy through their touch. The practice promises to rid negative energy and restore physical and emotional well-being. I’m hearing more and more about this trend and actually can’t wait to try it!

Collagen – Collagen in 2017 is going to be what chia seeds were in 2016. It’s the newest addition to your food and smoothies, and I’ll actually be doing a wellness challenge on this very soon. Keep a look out for that post to hear all about why you need to make collagen your BFF.

Clean beauty – I think that in the not-so-distant future, a lot of us will look back and be shocked that toxic beauty products were so mainstream. With heavy attention on making our beauty routines safer, I think clean beauty will own 2017. I’ve already tried to remove toxins whenever possible in my home and think a lot of homes in America will be going clean ASAP.

Sobriety – Have you noticed the huge shift in wellness over the past few years? Even models and celebs are promoting a life well-lived and full of nutrients. To follow up with eating well and exercise, I think intentional sobriety will become popular. Instead of going out for drinks, going out for wellness shots will only increase, and I can even see myself giving up alcohol for periods of time in the new year.

Self-love – This is already a buzzword, but I think it’s only going to become more mainstream. I wouldn’t even be surprised if companies start allowing “self-care days” on top of sick days. 2017 will be all about leaving the busyness of life behind and turning our attention to ourselves. Some of my favorite self-care rituals: baths, dry-brushing, abhyanga massage and meditation.

Lucid dreaming – Meditation is popular so I think the next step is mediational, or lucid, dreaming. This involves a higher state of awareness and basically trains your mind to meditate while asleep. The practice is supposed to add overall calmness, less stress, and more presence in life.

Legal drugs – I’m actually very interested to see what happens here just because it’s such a touchy subject. With the legalization of marijuana in many states and also some medicinal mushrooms being used to heal, I’m keeping my eye on this subject. Weed and certain mushrooms are supposedly good for stress levels, mood, and detoxification. Let’s see what happens!

What wellness trends are you excited to try in 2017? Any that you’ll be skipping?

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  1. You are so awesome! thanks for this post. I can definitely agree with many of these. Here’s to a 2017 full of wellness

  2. Great list to start off 2017 right! I’m definitely going through an “intentional sobriety” phase right now (probably because I drank away November & December). The idea of alcohol just seems…meh right now.

    I have, however, gotten more interested in weed over the past year (thanks to living in Washington). There is a lot of research and self-exploring that goes along with finding what works for you, but it’s worth it. I find a little bit gives me the same chill as a glass of wine, but without the headaches afterwards!

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