Wellness Challenge: 31 Days of Wellness

 31 Days of Wellness
Happy new year! Can we believe it’s 2017?! Crazy and exciting at the same time, right?

Since this Monday is a special one, I wanted to make this week’s wellness challenge just as special. January is a motivational and refreshing time, and it’s the ideal month to really step up your wellness routine. To kick-start that movement, here are 31 small ways to do so each day this month.

Challenge: Do something ‘well’ for 31 days.

Click on the links for a full article on each practice and enjoy!

1st – Sleep in! (Hopefully you got to do this.)
2nd – Take 5 minutes to stretch before bed.
3rd – It’s back to work! Eat your lunch away from technology.
4th – Drink hot lemon water right when you wake up.
5th – Get in alone time—even if it’s 10 minutes.
6th – Happy Friday! Drink 8 glasses of water…and one of red wine.
7th – Ahhh the weekend. Carve out 20 minutes for meditation.
8th – Turn off social media for the day and savor Sunday.
9th – Try bullet coffee for a Monday boost.
10th – Swap out a toxic beauty product for something clean.
11th – Experiment with a new workout.
12th – Pour yourself a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar.
13th – Dry-brush before your shower.
14th – Spend an hour with your favorite reading material.
15th – Cook up a veggie-filled soup and freeze leftovers.
16th – Add bee pollen to your smoothie for natural energy.
17th – Give your mind a workout with a crossword puzzle.
18th – Journal.
19th – Get in bed sans your phone by 9 p.m. and sleep well.
20th – Go a whole day without artificial sugar. You got this!
21st – Introduce yourself to an abhyanga massage.
22nd – Indulge in a detoxifying clean face mask.
23rd – Relax and color.
24th – Add something green to every meal or snack.
25th – Have a date with a friend, and don’t talk about how busy you are.
26th – Take off your nail polish and go bare.
27th – Try golden milk instead of your regular latte.
28th – Touch base with your new year goals. How are you doing with them? Where can you improve?
29th – Clean out one closet.
30th – Make Monday easier and say no to looming plans that you aren’t excited about.
31st – Single-task all day.

After the month is over, write down the practices that felt best to you and continue those throughout the new year. Let me know how it goes!

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  1. I love the idea of taking baby steps each day towards wellness. I’ve never tried bee pollen or golden milk, but I’ll embrace the challenge. Great post to start the New Year!

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