10 Simple Solutions for Under-Eye Problems

As I’ve aged, my obsession with under-eye fixes has gotten pretty out of control. Whether it being a cream for dealing with wrinkles, a serum to hydrate, or an ice pack to depuff, I have a serious arsenal when it comes to controlling this area. Since I’ve scoured beauty sites to find tips and products for under-eye issues, I wanted to share the simple solutions that actually work + link out to products that I love:

  1. Ice solves all. I can remember reading that Kate Moss would submerge her face in ice water for as long as possible before a photo shoot, so I obviously had to try it. Though it can be a little messy and uncomfortable, it really works.
  2. An alternative to an ice bath facial is an ice roller, like this. This can help with under-eyes and any other areas of your face that are bloated. Frozen spoons are great, too!
  3. Don’t pull or rub. My grandma used to tell me this, but you should treat your eye area more gently than any other area on your body. That means no scrubbing makeup off or stretching your eye to apply eye-liner. I’ve used these makeup remover pads for years—super gentle but effective!
  4. Apply product in the shape of sunglasses. When it comes to applying eye cream, put the product all around your eye area, like where sunglasses would cover. That means all the way up around your brow bone. Just be careful not to put anything too close to your eye.
  5. Keep depuffing products in the fridge. A facialist told me this years ago, and now I keep any eye products that I’m using for bloat (under-eye pads, serum roller) in my fridge. Instant relief for puffy eyes and it actually helps to wake you up! Win-win.
  6. Lay off sodium. This is obvious, but if you have an event or anything that you want to look your best for, cut back on sodium for a few days. Sodium can wreck havoc on skin in general, but it’s especially drying and bloating for your eye area.
  7. Be consistent. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned when it comes to caring for my eye area is to be consistent. Apply products morning and night, every single day. Make it easier on the products to do their thing. I use this affordable cream 2x a day and double up with this in the winter.
  8. Wear sunglasses, no matter the weather! Any sort of light can affect your eyesight, so put glasses on (and ignore stares) whether it’s sunny or raining. It’s much safer in terms of eye protection, plus squinting equals wrinkles.
  9. When your eyes are sleepy, brighten and conceal. If you haven’t gotten enough sleep (or had too many margs), I’ve found that a brightening serum works wonders. Apply a little under and around your eyes (I love this one!), then lightly conceal. Putting a lot of concealer on might be tempting, but it’ll just make you look worse, so go light. P.S. This is my current go-to eye concealer.
  10. Eyes need masks too. I’ve been an avid face mask-er for years, but just recently did I start using them for my eyes too. They can help depuff, hydrate, brighten, soothe—basically whatever you want—and give off major spa vibes. This one is ahhmazing.

What eye solutions do you swear by? Spill!

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  1. Would it be possible to do a similar blog about dark circles? This is my major problem and I tried so many expensive treatments, serums, creams, etc. It just doesn’t work! It would be so nice to have that kind of references you’re presenting here.

  2. Would it be possible to do a similar blog about dark circle? This is my major problem and I tried so many expensive treatment, serum, cream, etc. It just doesn’t work! It would be so nice to have that kind of references you’re presenting.

  3. I’ve been OBSESSED with skin care for the last year. I LOVE the ice tick, it always helps me de-puff and wake up in the morning! I love trying new products for under eyes/ wrinkles…one makeup trick I LOVE for under eyes is putting a nude eyeliner under my lash line! it brightens my eyes RIGHT up!
    Thanks for sharing!
    XX -KK

  4. This! I SO needed this post, so thank you! I cannot find a cure for the dark circles under my eyes and these solutions are BRILLIANT! I cannot wait to try them. 🙂

    xo, Taylor (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

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