5 Ways I’ve Eliminated Stress From My Life

Small changes add up to BIG results. Especially when it comes to changing things like stress and/or your mood which is something I’m personally focused on. I’ve played with a handful of elimination experiments ranging from food to relationships to toxins and the like, but have found great clarity in simply cutting out a few habits.

Some of these may apply to you, and some won’t, but I wanted to share them because I truly feel happier, lighter and more zen because of them.

1. No more phone in the morning.
I’ve been sleeping with my phone on airplane mode for a few years now but it wasn’t until recently when I began keeping it on airplane mode until after I finished my morning routine. Airplane mode keeps all your notifications from coming through which means no emails, texts, Instagram live notifications (when will they turn those off?!), et al. This small change made a HUGE difference – I no longer wake up and instantly feel stressed from everything that has piled up (which truthfully I don’t handle until after getting ready anyway). My mornings are mine again and I can have a nice slow start without the stressing. When I’m ready to take on the day and handle my messages, I turn airplane mode off.

2. No watching the news while falling asleep.
For years I’ve watched MSNBC before bed to get caught up on current events but as of late, it heightens my anxiety and has been affecting my sleep. New rule: no news before bed. Instead, I’ve been watching TED talks or nothing at all, opting for reading.

3. No more over-scheduling.
Last fall I vowed to give up over-programming my life because it was simply taking the fun out of things. In fact, a study by the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis found that scheduling leisure time with friends—for movies, drinks, bike rides—can make these otherwise enjoyable activities feel like chores, which is often why we cancel them. I’ve been making fewer plans and leaving more free time for spontaneous plans, which gives me the chance to actually do what I feel like doing in that moment.

4. No more tedious but urgent errands.
Is it just me or do you always run out of things in 3 too? Whether it be toilet paper, paper towels and foil, or shampoo, face wash and soap, it feels like it all happens at once which makes getting to a store an urgent check box on the to-do list. I’m officially done with stressing to pick up tampons or my prescription and instead have set recurring orders on places like Amazon and PillPack.

5. No more light-hoarding.
I would by no means call myself a hoarder. In fact, I don’t have a ton of stuff, BUT I do have a tendency to hold onto things for longer than I should. This stuff definitely weighs me down and I’m trying break this habit. I’ve been going through my house room by room to lighten the load and am shocked by how much of a change it’s made. I didn’t even realize how much the excess bothered me until it was gone. The ultimate purge was getting rid of  65% of my closet.

What about you? What changes have you made in your life to feel less stressed?

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  1. I sleep with my phone in the other room and rely on an old-school alarm clock (although I still read on my iPad when I’m trying to fall asleep).

    Love #3 and #5. The last couple of years I’ve made a conscious effort to have “nothing time” in my schedule to just unwind and just be, and it’s made a huge difference. KonMari-ing our place and decluttering helped a ton too!

  2. I don’t remember when it was – a year ago? Maybe more? But I turned my phone on silent (no vibrating either) and haven’t looked back. Sure, sometimes it annoys my husband when I don’t immediately answer, but I look at my phone enough to get back to someone in a timely manner. I also don’t get notified by anything except email (still silent notifications). I cannot tell you how much peaceful my life is without constantly receiving notifications or hearing a buzz or ding or ring. It’s amazing.

  3. Love this post! I went on a declutter after Christmas and it definitely left me feeling lighter and less stressed. I’ve not managed to keep up with it though and really need to dedicate some time to getting my environment sorted.

    The idea of switching to airplane mode really appeals to me as well….I’m guilty of checking my emails first thing when I wake up and should really stop. And I’m 100% with you on those urgent errands! I seem to be “popping to the shop” every other day and would benefit from setting up recurring orders online.

  4. Love the idea of putting your phone on airplane mode! Dunno why I’ve never thought of that before. I’ve definitely turned it off but if you’re also using it as an alarm that’s not helpful. The news has definitely been upping my stress levels too and I’ve found reading to be a great help! It’s nice to really absorb yourself in an alternate fictional world. The Illuminae Files books were great at kick-starting my reading.

    xoxo – Kelly

  5. Love this idea! Especially waiting to use your phone until after your morning routine. I always grab my phone first things, and I agree it’s not the best way to start the day.

  6. Omg, Thanks for Sharing these Awesome Tips! I especially like setting the cell phone on the Airplane mode. Am going to try this tips and the others. Especially over scheduling my day.

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