Energizing Anti-Inflammatory Facial Massage

Energizing and Anti-Inflammatory Facial Massage
You know those mornings when you wake up to a seriously swollen face and no matter how much makeup you use, you still look like a puffy mess? Been there!

Sodium, not enough water, alcohol, hormones, grains, surgery, and crying are all culprits of swelling, but there are thankfully some things that can help. Specifically, this at-home (read: free) facial you can do on yourself in a matter of minutes! I do this pretty much every morning as a wake-up call, but it’s especially useful after a sushi & sake dinner.

Here’s how to do the energizing and anti-inflammatory facial massage:


  1. Take your middle and ring finger and trace firmly around your face in small circular motions. Start at your forehead and move towards your chin. Repeat this for about a minute.
  2. Next, use the same fingers and firmness to drag lines from the top of your cheekbones down. The downward motion will help stimulate drainage.
  3. Then, make each hand into a claw shape and firmly press/pinch your jawline, starting by your ears and moving down. Do this for about a minute.
  4. Finally, gently tap all over your face rapidly for 15 seconds.


  1. Before starting step 1, dab face lotion or oil onto your face. The facial will help to really sink the product in, and having something wet on your skin will make it more comfortable.
  2. I like to finish the facial off with a cold splash or two of water to shrink capillaries, induce even more drainage, and to wake up. It’s like a cup of coffee + an inflammation reduction in one!
  3. If you need extra help in the eye department, I swear by these tips.

Voila! See ya inflammation! And doesn’t it feel good?

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