Easy Ways To Incorporate Essential Oils

essential oils
I’m not sure how I haven’t used this challenge yet seeing that they are such a crucial part of my routine, but here we are! Essential oils are trending hard in the wellness world right now and there are so many benefits from using them.

Whether you’re placing directly on your skin, or—my personal favorite—diffusing them, there’s no reason you shouldn’t own a few oils. I have my diffuser going 24/7, and one of the best parts about essential oils is that they are an excellent substitute for candles. A lot of candles can cause allergies (and pollute air), and diffusing oils gives you yummys smells while purifying the air. Win-win!

Challenge: Incorporate essential oils

Here are 3 that I’m reaching for as of late, how to use them, and what they can do for you:

Lavender: Obviously comes first because I’m obsessed, so much so that I’ve even dedicated an entire wellness challenge to it before. Lavender nixes stress, anxiety, and even headaches. I diffuse lavender before bed to ensure quality shuteye. You can also dab a little oil straight onto your temples for an instant chill—like right before a meeting or while flying.

Tea Tree: This has become a major substitute for candles in my house. Especially during coolers days or when I feel like my house is stuffy, I diffuse tea tree to clean and purify the air. It smells beyond! This is a great remedy for stuffy noses or sinus infections, too. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil into a natural shampoo is also brilliant if you’re suffering from dry scalp or dandruff. Lastly, it’s helpful for clearing up acne, so dab some onto a cotton ball, then your pimple.

Peppermint: I’ve been reaching for peppermint more and more recently after learning that it basically doubles as an anti-anxiety boost while also improving concentration. It’s my BFF when I have a lot of work to get done, and I use it in my office diffuser. Dabbing some onto your temples is also a good trick for getting rid of neck or head tension.

Other essential oils that I love? Orange (citrus in general is good for energy), clove (good for depression), and cinnamon leaf (stimulates the libido, hey now!).

Any that I’m missing out on?

P.S. This is an excellent starter pack + diffuser.


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  1. I used essential oils every day. I have serious skin problems. I have so many favorite ones. I used them in my daughter’s hair. I want to know which ones are very good for black spots.

  2. I am equally obsessed with essential oils! I love Lavender and Peppermint, but I haven’t tried Tea tree yet, so maybe I should. Every time I shower, I do a mix of lemon, lavender, and either Eucalyptus or Peppermint! The steam of the shower + the essential oils is a spa-like experience and it makes showering sooo much more relaxing!
    XX -KK

  3. I love my oils!! I use my diffuser daily.. now i want to collect every oil thats out there just to try them all.. i love the baby powder oil!! I put it in all my diy products..

  4. I’d love some tips for choosing a good brand of essential oils. They seem to vary greatly in price and quality.

    Does anyone have any trusted organic brands to recommend?

    xo mea

  5. The bottles that are in the hands ,I bought it a long time ago and I can’t remember where I I got it can you help me ,I love your blog.

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