Basic Bitch Coachella

Basic Bitch Coachella Basic Bitch Coachella Basic Bitch Coachella
Coachella is one big outfit convention and after my 11th year, I have a confession to make: when I look around that field, the girls that I think look the best are the girls who are keeping it simple. As much as I appreciate the girls who are “going for it” (and believe me, I’ve been there), I want to look like the girls that aren’t.

So, in honor of that, I didn’t plan crazy outfits this year and only packed clothing that I genuinely wear and love (albeit, I did bring a lot of fun accessories thanks to my girlfriend Drew).  I wore this vintage button down off-the-shoulder top, cut-offs, my everyday accessories and my usual Coachella boots (they’re durable, beat-up, comfortable and I love that they hold all my Coachella memories) for day one. And while some may argue that I was a basic bitch, I enjoyed being comfortable, being myself.

Is anyone else with me on this or do I sound like a total crankie pants Bubbie?

Wearing vintage shirt (similar here and here), vintage cut-offs (SO many good ones here), Coach boots, Lizzie Mandler gold choker (similar here), Ariel Gordon endless hoops, vintage Chanel bag & Garrett Leight Wilson Clip sunglasses




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  1. YES! Festival after festival I find it’s always better to feel comfortable. In your clothing and your own skin. I appreciate the girls that GO FOR IT as well, but in the end (and at my age) I find it’s easiest to just wear what works and spruce it up with accessories or my hair (braids etc).

    I always end up sweating my self to death – so minimum make-up, and hair up is a key for me. I like to be close and in the crowd so heels are a no-no. And boots or closed toed sneakers seem to be key for me too.

    I love that you have designated boots – I am sure the desert weather is killer on shoes so it’s nice you have a pair that are already weathered and ready for whatever happens!


  2. I am 110% with you on this!! two years ago I had some really rad outfits planned but when I got there I kind of got uninspired because I felt that there was too much going on and I saw a bunch of girls wearing kind of the same get up. I did not feel original or anything at all. So the second day I ended up wearing ripped jeans and white tank top and called it a day! So funny how being basic at Coachella is so not basic in a way. This year I stepped it up a bit and did my normal boho look since thats how I normally dress anyway, but still kept it semi basic. I’m so happy I’m not the only one that felt this way!

    Love the pics!!
    xx Francesca
    Frank Vinyl : A California Fashion Blog

  3. This was such a refreshing look compared to what I’m used to seeing from Coachella “street” style. You look chic, stunning, but most importantly, comfortable and like yourself. All the boxes can be checked off without doing the absolute most and you’re proof of that. Good for you girl!

  4. Totally agree that less is more when it comes to Festival fashion. I’m always more drawn to the basic looks – almost like those girls are just too cool to make an effort. Basic style is definitely the most functional when you’re trekking through sand and dirt.

    Love the lighting in these pics!

    xoxo – Kelly

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