5 Non-Toxic Candles

5 non-toxic candles
I’m a candle girl, always have been. I like to light one to start my day or to relax at night, pretty much 24/7. And then of course I learned about the chemicals that a lot of my candles contained and the allergens that follow—not to mention polluting the air. After tossing most of my candle collection, I went on a hunt for less harmful and toxic versions, and luckily there are a bunch! Here are 5 of my favorite clean-burning brands and candles:

1. Wax Buffalo

These are pure soy candles that are handmade in a small town in Nebraska. Poured into trendy jars and with scents that remind you of whatever season it is—think pumpkin spice, apple, and campfire. Blood orange is my personal favorite for this time of year. You’re also supporting small business. Win, win in my opinion!

2. Beeswax Candle Co.

If you need pillar candles rather than a jarred option that still gives you that safe burn, the 100% beeswax candles from Beeswax Candle Co. are a yummy option.

3. Honest Co.

One of the biggest names in the clean-everything game, Honest Co. makes great non-tox candles. They are soy aromatic and there are three super relaxing scents—orange cypress, gardenia jasmine, and lavender vanilla. Hand poured and always GMO free with an 100% cotton, unbleached wick. Killing it, Jessica Alba!

4. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

You’ve probably heard of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products, but she also turns out clean-burning candles. There are four scents, all made from simple essential oils and renewable wax. Shocker, lavender is the best one.

5. Prosperity Candle from The Little Market

Aside from these candles burning clean and being made from soy, they also support a good cause. The Little Market (co-founded by Lauren Conrad) partners with businesses that focus on giving back. Purchase a Prosperity Candle through The Little Market and your money will help build sustainable lives for Burmese and Bhutanese refugees now living in the U.S. Cool right? Plus, they have a great variety! Coconut milk is on current rotation in my home.

If you’re not a candle person in general (or worry about them with kids), diffusing essential oils is a wonderful substitute.


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  1. The Aromatherapy Company is also a great company that donates 1% of their profits to environmental causes and tries to take steps to reduce their footprint. Not to mention, their candles smell so good.

    Emily | http://emilytrinh.com

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