5 Ways to Make Working From Home Healthier

The perks of working from home (WFH) are endless—no commute, no specific dress code, more time to sleep in—but sitting in your house all day also comes with its struggles. From temptations lurking around every corner (hiii bed), staying productive and focused on work can be tough, and so can creating healthy routines.

With a more flex schedule and more time in your day without having to travel to the office, you’d think WFH would offer more healthy habits, and it does to an extent, but it’s also easy to fall lazy when your days aren’t as naturally structured.

After working from home for the past couple of years, here’s what I’ve found to be most effective when trying to stay healthy:

Get up, work out

It’s sooo easy to grab your laptop and get to work first thing in the morning, promising yourself you’ll head to the gym at lunch, but if you make your workout the first thing to happen (after a healthy breakfast!), you’ll be in a much better space. Not only will it wake you up and get your metabolism going, but it’ll stimulate your brain for the day, too. Plus, once it’s over, you have the rest of the day to focus on work instead of being anxious about when you’ll fit in exercise.

Eat away from your desk

I remember feeling pressured to eat at my desk at my corporate job because everyone else did and I felt like a slacker if not. Now, I make it a point to eat in my back patio or at least the kitchen table—without tech! Grab a magazine, journal, or just the food, and zone out on something non-work related for at least 20 minutes. A perfect little brain boost to get you through the rest of the day.

Take a 3 p.m. walk

3 p.m. slumps happen no matter where you’re working, and a walk always helps. Sitting at your home desk all day and the lack of commute or big office usually means you’re more stagnant, so fix that. Take 15 min to stroll around your neighborhood to ensure that you’re getting fresh air and moving your limbs. Do some stretching while you’re at it!

Ignore chores

WFH seems a lot less stressful, but with things like a full laundry basket and dirty floors, it can be tempting to stop your work and instead work on the house. But piling your days up with tasks will clutter your mind and lead to more stress. Create designated pockets of the day to chores, but make sure you’re giving your work the time it requires—you’ll be much more at ease.

Move while you meet

Doing lunges or squats while you’re on a conference call might be awkward in an office, but in the comfort of your own home? Not one bit! Take advantage of this and move around while you’re on the phone, or even give yourself a little oil and neck massage. Creating a standing desk for yourself is super helpful for your body too!

If you’re a work-from-homer, I’d love to know what healthy habits you’ve created!


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  1. we work from home on fridays, so i like to meet up with a friend for lunch! it makes the rest of the afternoon go by faster, and i’m usually in a much happier, more inspired mood after having a conversation with someone that’s not work-related, and getting out of the house!

  2. First thing I do when I get up is to work out. 2.Always Always eat at my table I eat on pretty plates and make my food artistically.3.Always meditate doesn’t matter what is going on in my day this is a must.4Gratitiude list daily.5.Read and write on a spiritual reading.6,As I go thru my day I pause and check in with my spiritual sourced to check in with myself shut off the noise maybe have a cup of tea or Feed my hummingbirds.Something to just shut off..7.When I go to bed at night I go through my day to see where I could have improved,What I did well and if I owe an amends to anyone.And make sure the important people in my life know how much I love them.

  3. Guilty WFH girl right here!
    I love exercise and that’s exactly why I only get around to it at about 11pm. There’s this voice in my head that tells me to do my work first and fun stuff later haha. I really need to change that attitude! And oh, chores and cooking! My no. 1 procrastination tactics.
    But I’m definitely doing awkward calf stretches and squats while working!

  4. My three bosses travel a ton! About once a week at least all three of them are out of the office so I do squats and stand at my desk the majority of the day instead of sitting. your right it may seem awkward, but I feel so much more awake those days!


    Keri Elaine

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