Wellness Challenge: Go Red

It’s clear by now that I’m pretty obsessed with my smoothies—and they’ve been mentioned on my site many times. And while I put new ingredients in here and there, I generally stick to mixing in greens no matter what. Until now.

Greens aren’t going anywhere in my diet, but I recently started adding a variety of colors to my smoothies in place of my go-to spinach or kale. I’ve heard that eating different color fruits & veggies is good for you, and I try to be conscious of that in our meals, but for some reason I didn’t think about it with my smoothies ‘til a couple weeks ago.

Challenge: Drink your reds

Specifically, different colors tend to provide different health benefits. Each color signifies that they are super nutritious in a certain area, and by eating a balance of colors, you can better ensure that you’re being as healthy as possible. And while greens can provide iron and other vitamins, reds are high in anthocyanins and lycopene (aka antioxidants that can help with inflammation, protect against cancer, and repair your body from certain diseases).

Since obviously throwing tomatoes into my blender doesn’t sound appetizing, I keep those on my plate. As for the reds that are smoothie appropriate? Watermelon, beetroot, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, and red bell peppers (puree them first!). Here’s a recipe I love.

Ready to go red?


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  1. I do always do a green smoothie to maximize the amount of iron I am getting. Watermelon beet root and pomegranate sound delicious! Not so sure about the red bell pepper hahaha is the taste of it covered up by the fruit?

    Keri Elaine

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