4 Important Tips From A Job Recruiter

 Tips From A Job Recruiter
When I wrote about recognizing unhappiness a few weeks back, there were a lot of comments about people being unhappy at their jobs which is no fun, no fun at all. I’ve been there! So, in effort to help get you girls out of those ruts, I met up with my close friends, Michal G, who is one of the top job recruiters in Los Angeles for the fashion industry (follow The Workshop on Instagram for all her latest job postings), to get the 411 of what she is looking for in candidates. If you’re looking for a new job, take notes!

1. Social media
“You’re being judged before you even get the call back by one quick Google search and a serious sweep through your social media accounts. Clean up all of your social media. That includes Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and make sure they align with the type of job you’re looking for. For example, if you are applying for a job in design, make sure your Pinterest highlights that and your aesthetic. And no matter what, absolutely no smoking in the club photos anywhere under any circumstances.”

2. Longevity
“Millennials are job-hoppers which isn’t attractive to hiring managers. Show that you’re reliable and don’t give up easily by staying with a company for a year, minimum.”

3. Have your resume or portfolio in order
“If you’re looking for a new job, have your resume or portfolio ready to go at any given moment. If you’re a designer, have your portfolio up on Coroflot and always have your updated resume/portfolio available in your own inbox so you can forward it upon request immediately.”

4. LinkedIn
“You must have a LinkedIn account; every recruiter uses it as a tool. It’s not only great to showcase your resume but take advantage of the other tools such as endorsements from previous managers or company owners, post articles to relevant work that interests you, and list awards or accolades.”

Next week, her one big piece of advice on seeking your dream job!

p.s. if you have any other questions for Michal, please leave them in the comments section in this post.


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  1. Geri,
    When you’re ready to write a follow up on etiquette to follow after the interview to land the job, contact me! I’m full of stories now.

  2. This reminds me I really need to update my Linkedin, it’s the one social media I’m just super lazy with. I just never really feel like I get anything out of the effort I put in with it, but maybes it just needs more work

    – Natalie

  3. This article keeps me optimistic. I am a recent graduate and my current situation is not necessarily where I want to be. After applying for several different jobs and internships, all I have been hearing for the most part is “no”. So right now I have an unpaid social media/blogging internship and a part-time job. I am fine with my internship, but my job isn’t what I was expecting.
    On the other hand I started my blog a few months ago. I am struggling with keeping content and social media consistent. If anyone (or Michal G.) has any thoughts and tips for me I would love to hear it. This is my blog if anyone is curious: thelastdebutante.weebly.com

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