5 Ways to Make a Plane Ride Healthy

Summer travel is upon us, and though I thoroughly enjoy traveling, it can be filled with unhealthy stops along the way—starting with the plane ride. Back in the day, I’d chalk travel up to a “cheat day” and fill up on candy and whatever else was lingering in the terminal, but nowadays, I’m much more mindful. As I gear up for upcoming trips, I wanted to pull together 5 in-air things that help keep my health in check.

Pack snacks

This goes without saying, but typically airlines don’t provide the healthiest snack options, or even edible ones at times (flan on a flight? Hard pass). I always pack my own healthy snacks to keep from making poor decisions in the terminal, or being super hungry when I land. My favorite go-to options are nuts, dried fruit, and protein bars—they’re all easy to pack and don’t spoil easily.

Move around often

It’s not healthy to sit for long periods of time, so especially on long flights, it’s crucial to move every hour or so. To help me do this, I try to get an aisle seat so that I can get up and walk around without stressing about waking anyone up. I head to the back of the plane and touch my toes for a minute or two, too. Feels sooo good.

Bring socks

Compression socks are helpful on international or cross-country flights because they help prevent blood clots. If you’re stuck in a middle seat or will be sleeping on a long flight, invest in compression socks to help your circulation system.


It’s super important to stay hydrated in general, but especially while traveling. The re-circulated air in planes is known to dry out your skin and cause major dehydration—total travel downer. To prevent this, drink lots of water before you board and during the flight (more reason to sit aisle if possible). I make it a habit to refill my reusable bottle right after passing through security, then ask the flight attendants to re-fill during service. I love bringing some sort of hydrating facial mist, like this one, too!

Oil up

There’s an essential oil to help with almost every ailment out there—whether it’s general stress, travel anxiety, or motion sickness. I personally like traveling with lavender and eucalyptus. Lavender is super calming, and eucalyptus helps my sinuses with the pressure changes from being in an airplane.

Those 5 things and an antibacterial wipe down of my seat (yes, I’m that person), and I’m good to go!


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  1. Ha! I never understood why influencers woudln’t recommend compressive socks, they’re SO GOOD for long flights and long periods standing (so all the time between our homes and our destination). If I go to cold climates I will use them after arriving too – I tire much less after all the sightseeing.

  2. I used compression socks for m y last few flights, which were over 20 hours long, so they really helped. I get motion sickness on planes so I tend to prefer sitting in my sit and staying still though I should really learn how to move around better.

    Emily | http://emilytrinhcreative.com

  3. Great post, I consider myself a smart traveler but I can always use more tips! Do you have a link for that bag? It looks so perfect for traveling!

  4. I totally agree with the move around often and the hydrate.
    I drink lots and lots of water on a flight and I don’t really drink anything else.
    Green tea with water at meals or a little bit of orange juice with lots of water in it.
    I don’t really feel the need to bring snacks though because JAL serve great food – they are my favourite airline – I always ask for a piece of fruit!
    Set to Glow

  5. Please don’t take nuts on flights. My 5 year old daughter is very allergic – as our many people nowadays unfortunately. It’s very serious as many people with this allergy could go into anaphylactic shock and die without the right treatment. Having nuts in such a small space when it’s so difficult to get to a hospital just seems so crazy to me. I really wish all nut products were banned on all flights.

  6. Love these tips! Staying hydrated is crucial whilst flying as the air really sucks all the moisture out of you. Antibacterial wipes are such a great idea, as the fold down trays are never wiped- who knows what has been on them. I also have carrying hand cream and lip balm to help with any dryness I get.


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