Wellness Challenge: Composting

As a kid, I can still remember when recycling became a thing, or at least a mainstream thing, but prior to the garbage man picking it up. We’d have to separate glass, plastic, etc., and then I’d carry a bag of each to the local recyclable center to make a few dollars (for ice cream obviously!). Anyone else remember this??

Of course recycling is now second nature—I actually cringe when I’m somewhere that doesn’t have recycling and I have to toss plastic or glass in with the landfill. It just feels irresponsible, especially when most of our nation’s landfills are close to being full, if not already full.

And though I feel great about how much we recycle, something we haven’t always been conscious about is composting. Did you know 1/3 of what’s in our landfills is stuff that’s compostable? Eeeek! That stat right there hit home for me. So, with that being said….

Wellness Challenge: Start composting

I’m a newbie at this, so I’m starting this challenge right besides you.

First up, a quick list of what’s considered compostable: pretty much all food, coffee grounds, even newspaper. There’s a full list here, but it’s a TON of stuff that you’re likely dumping into your garbage can without thinking about it. But, compostable stuff is extremely helpful for the environment!

For those of you who don’t want to actually compost yourself, it’s super easy to start. All it takes is a quick call to your local trash service to ask for one of their composting bins (if you don’t already have one—it’s actually the same bin that you put things like leaves or other garden/yard “waste” in.) They’ll then transfer all the compost stuff to a company or plant who turns it into useable compost material—which then goes on to build local parks, gardens, and can even be sold as fertilizer. You can buy a compost bucket (like this) to keep in your kitchen, then dump it into the bigger bin outside before trash day.

If you want to physically compost yourself or use it for your own garden (props!), this article is super helpful. I’m not here quite yet, but am definitely interested in learning the composting process for our own garden eventually. Perhaps a goal for later this year?

Here’s to making composting second nature and helping Mother Earth!

Who has been composting for years? Who is starting with me this week?

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  1. I just started composting about 3 months ago after learning that my condo has a bin for it. Bought a little bin for my kitchen and take it out when it gets full. It’s amazing how much food waste we create! Feels good to be helping the planet in this way, great post.

  2. I’ve been composting for ten years and I LOVE it! My husband was reluctant to start but he wasn’t a recycler either but when he saw how much less trash recycling generated he was game to try composting as well. Between recycling and compost we have very little garbage – mostly animal bones/skins and the odd plastic that isn’t recyclable.

    Once we found the right countertop compost bin for us everything got easier. Our lawn and beds have never looked better. There are a lot of great resources online that may have tips and ideas specific to your region, so check them out. For example, our city gave us a $100 rebate for our composter!

  3. Started composition about 5 yrs ago in the big Rubbermaid totes. Drilled holes in the sides, bottom, and lid for ventilation and went to town! It working but moving slow.

    Finally bought a double barrel tumbler to speed the process and make more room.

    My husband became a fan of the process when he realized that the trash going to the curb was so minimal he only had to take it on alternating weeks.

  4. We have been talking about this for a few years! Started a vegetable garden last year but still don’t have composting going. I have also looked into the double tumbler, might have to make the plunge!

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