My Favorite Steps To A Summer Makeup Look

When I think about my favorite parts of summer, a few things come to mind: longer days, warmer temps, and a general lightness to everything in life. Above all, my biggest appreciation about summer months is the lightness when it comes to makeup. I’m not a heavy makeup girl any time of year, but especially in summer, I limit my product rotation to as minimal as possible.

A little concealer, a quick swipe of mascara, an easy lip balm, and since the boom of the product, highlighter! I honestly can’t remember loving a makeup product more than highlighter, or what I did before them. Sure, my glow is usually decent due to living a healthy life and my skincare routine, but not all the water in the world can make my skin glow like a highlighter. I just love it!

During a recent trip to the mall, I stopped by one of my go-to’s, Sephora. Can anyone else not pass a Sephora without going in? I love how well merchandised the layout is, the brands the carry, and one of the best parts is the sheer selection of products. And let me tell you, their highlighter game is strong. I tested about 20, and by the time my entire face was loaded with glisten, I ended up buying these 4:

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea™ Twinkle Stick Highlighter  – The convenience of these blew me away. Highlighter on the go? Yes please! Perfect for a quick sweep around my cheekbones if I need to freshen up – even if I’m not wearing anything else during summer. And love that it’s powered by coconut, vitamin E, and apple! The Skylight and Spotlight colors are both gorg.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter – No surprise here, Marc Jacobs’ products are always 100. This coconut gel highlighter builds really well, so I picked it up for a summer day-to-night application option. Pro tip: Add a dab of highlighter above your Cupid’s Bow to enhance your lips.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette – The options here intimidated me at first, but once the Sephora team member showed me how to use them, it was a breeze. The idea behind this set is to give your face a 3D effect (in the best way), and woah, so rad. Depending on if you’re going for natural or more noticeable, I’ve never seen a highlighter do so much with so little application. Genius!

BECCA Light Chaser Highligther  – This has become my everyday, natural highlighter. It lives at the top of my makeup drawer, and I can’t leave the house without a dab to my cheekbones, corner of eyes and Cupid’s Bow. The ideal last touch to light, summery complexion.

Are you on the highlighter train?




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