How to Be the Bigger Person

How to Be the Bigger Person Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, we’ve all been told to “be the bigger person” at one point or another. It can be a tough—let alone annoying—pill to swallow, but taking the high road usually feels better down the road. Because doing this is easier said than done, I thought I’d compile a little checklist, so the next time you need a voice of reason, you know exactly what to do. I’ll be coming back to this one myself!

Swallow your pride

Swallowing your pride can feel like you’re letting someone walk all over you, but that’s usually not it. It’s knowing that regardless of what your co-worker, friend, or a stranger says, you feel strong enough in your beliefs that you don’t need them to agree with you. That being said, you should always be willing to hear people out, because sometimes swallowing your pride does mean admitting you were wrong.

Don’t get angry

When a complicated situation arises, going to someone who isn’t involved for advice can provide a great, objective perspective. However, the advice they give may be for you to be the bigger person, which can be hard to hear. You know they’re right, but you feel so passionate about proving your point. Be sure not to start a second argument with this person because more than likely, they’re only trying to help.


You don’t necessarily need to accept whatever the problem is, especially if it’s some kind of moral issue, but you should accept that there’s nothing you can do to change the other person’s mind. Sometimes people are just too far apart to ever reach a common ground, so the sooner you realize all the arguing isn’t going to change anything, except maybe how you feel about yourself, the better.

Reel in your sensitivity

Being sensitive is in no way a bad thing, but unfortunately a side effect can be letting things get under your skin very easily. I definitely know this from experience! If you find yourself in arguments requiring you to be the bigger person frequently, it could be a good idea to do some self-evaluating. Maybe your sensitivity is the cause of all the conflict you’re experiencing. You should never assume you’re the problem, though, it’s just always good to be aware of how your emotions are affecting your relationships.

Any other tips for being the bigger person? Please share!



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  1. These are all great tips on how to be the bigger person as well as how to eliminate unnecessary arguments and drama. I try to remember to ask myself “is this really a big deal in the long run?”. It helps with accepting what’s happening and not be argumentative. Thanks for sharing! XO, Ellese


  2. Love this post! For me it boils down to learning to let go: letting go the need to be right, letting go the hurt feelings, etc. I try to investigate my feelings (why am I feeling this way) and then non-identify (if I’m angry doesn’t make me an angry person). And most of the time I realize that the other party is usually bringing their baggage along to the conversation too and they’re just doing the best they can.

  3. I absolutely loved this! Especially the part about reeling in sensitivity. This is a huge one for me and as I am growing into my adult self, I see it more and more as something that I definitely need to be careful with getting out of control. I love my sensitive soul but I hate getting hurt so easily!

    Thank you <3

  4. I love the last point “If you find yourself in arguments requiring you to be the bigger person frequently, it could be a good idea to do some self-evaluating” this is very important for self awareness! I personally have had experiences in arguments where the “other” feels the need to all of a sudden be “the bigger person” however the conflict is constant (?) – great insight.

  5. Good tips! Also, realizing this isn’t the point but where are your cute jeans from? Are they the levi wedgie?

  6. Such a great reminder on how to deal with tough situations! Another tip I’ve found helpful is to take a step back and allow yourself to calm down, especially if you are feeling worked up and emotional. Chances are those initial intense emotions will blow over and you’ll be able to tackle the next interaction with a clearer head 🙂

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