The Best Clean Deodorants

best clean deodarants

The Best Clean Deodorants
When it comes to clean beauty, one of the biggest questions is, “but which clean deodorant actually works?!” The struggle to find a non-toxic deodorant can be very real and that’s because so many of the non-toxic deodorants, truth be told, are not great. Even the good ones, relative to the chemical filled anti-antiperspirants, are an adjustment as well.

I personally have tried dozens – Tom’s, Schmidt’s, Agent Nateur, Ursa Major, etc. – you name it, I’ve probably applied it. Through my trial and error, I’ve narrowed down my favorites to these three (albeit I’m always open to finding anything else that’s excellent so please share if you have one you love!):

​Primally Pure
A girlfriend was adamant that I give this one a try, so I did, and I’ve been using it regularly every since. Primally Pure is not an antiperspirant – sweat is a healthy and normal and it’ll still happen here – but it does mask body odor with its pleasant fragrance. It also glides on beautifully, has never irritated my skin and I’m quite fond of the lavender vibes.

Real Purity
I had a meeting with someone who works in the vitamin business so naturally I asked her about all of her favorite wellness and clean beauty products. Real Purity was one of them. She swore by it! So, being the clean beauty junky that I am, I ordered it. Given that soooo many of the other non-toxic deodorants I tried were sticks, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Real Purity is a wet roll-on. Created with the most sensitive skin in mind, it’s a quick-drying formula that helps fight sweat-inducing activity. The pure essential oils provide a long-lasting, clean scent, while organic aloe and kosher vegetable glycerin keep your skin dry.

Vapour AER Deodorant
This was recently sent my way and I was eager to try it since I’m a fan of many of Vapour’s products (plus, Tara from How You Glow raved about it and I fully trust her). AER glides on easily, transforming from a gel to powder and the effect is a light-as-air barrier, allowing skin to breathe while confronting odor-causing bacteria in a lasting way.



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  1. I’m a big fan of Agent Nateur and the unscented one by Canadian natural beauty brand Consonant. The latter is the only one I trust to to keep me odour-free through exercise and a full 24 hours sans re-application, and it doesn’t have too much baking soda (which I’ve found irritates my skin).

  2. I tried Native and although it smelled great I just didn’t think it worked very well. I have been using No Tox Life and it works way better in my experience but I’m always open to try others. Thanks for the options you posted!

  3. Hi! I tried so many clean deodorants that never worked, UNTIL (thanks to an amazon review for Primal Pit deodorant) I learned that you should detox your underarms from all the years of using deodorants with toxic chemicals! There are several ways you can detox, but I prefer using a mixture of bentonite clay with acv (apple cider vinegar). You make a paste and apply it to your armpits for ~15 minutes. Once it’s dry you rinse it/shower. I did this once a week for a month and now I do it once a month. Your natural deodorant will work! Promise! Try will love! xoxo -C

  4. Hi, It may sound odd but if you pat your pits with lemon or white vinegar after you shower. Then after it dries apply non-toxic deodorant it will work better because you have cleansed the bacteria off first.

  5. I have been using Primal Pit Paste for about 3 years now, and it’s the best deodorant I have ever used! I went from using Secret Clinical Strength to this and haven’t looked back. I hardly sweat anymore, as opposed to when I used antiperspirant and was in constant fear of raising my arms. The ingredients are things you probably already have in your home. In the beginning, during the “detox period” I would just apply coconut oil or Pure Haven’s (formerly Ava Anderson) Dream Cream to my arm pits at night and I didn’t have any real problems at all. Just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. For probably the first 3 months, I carried an extra deodorant in my purse “just in case”, and I never needed to reapply, I don’t smell at all anymore; I’m still amazed and wish I would have switched sooner.

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