Tips on Cutting Processed Sugar

Processed sugar, aka the stuff that’s killing us and leading to all sorts of problems, hides in unimaginable places—from “healthy” teas to seemingly nutritious salad dressings, not to mention pretty much all desserts and boxed snacks, cereals, etc. And yes, there’s a huge difference between processed sugar and healthier, more natural options, like raw honey and sugar from fruits. Unfortunately, processed sugar comes from places like GMO-laden corn (high fructose corn syrup) and even sugar cane itself (although it sounds “natural”), goes through a lot of processing before it’s packaged up. Not good.

Not only is processed sugar void of any nutritional value, it’s also incredibly addictive. Some even say withdrawals from it can be comparable to withdrawals from a drug, which is pretty terrifying. It’s no wonder food companies add processed sugar to anything they can—make something taste better, and get consumers addicted so they come back for more? It’s genius marketing, but also very, very scary for our culture, children, waistlines and overall health.

Challenge: Go a week without processed sugar

Though I don’t eat much of it (I typically eat pretty clean), I’m the first to slip when in a rush or while traveling. After feeling somewhat blah after a recent vacation, I decided to give up processed sugar for a whole week—no cheating—or until something was really, really worth it. It sounds a lot easier than it really is, since processed sugar hides in so many unexpected places. It’s something that has been taking time and extra diligence on my end to double check every single food label and to prep before heading out for the day. Think prepping a ton of my own salad dressings, dips, and smoothies (have you noticed on my Insta stories?). But so worth it!

A good rule of thumb is to eliminate anything obvious that has sugar and syrup in the title, along with anything that has something on label ending in “ose”—like glucose, dextrose, fructose, and sucrose.

It’s only been a few of days, but I already feel so much better without consuming processed sugar. My mind feels more clear, and I don’t feel as groggy in the mornings. It’s also pretty interesting to see how my normal afternoon sugar cravings have started to subside—which seems impossible when you’re eating, and craving it, daily. I promise, they go away quick!

Who’s going to cut out processed sugar with me this week? Please?!




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  1. I will! Apart from the brownies I already baked for the week that is… Honestly though, it’s the afternoon cravings that kills my dieting intentions every time. I buy loads of raisins and nuts and snack on them when I’m too restless and some healthier fix won’t do.

  2. I have the sort of personality where if I say to myself that something is forbidden, I’ll start craving it non-stop, so I allow myself sugar in my coffee and a teaspoon of jam in my plain Greek yogurt and granola in the mornings, but I avoid sweets and desserts in general.

  3. I tried the whole 30 diet which also has no processed food and sugar. Only the sugars from fruit And it was quite difficult but it was possible. I want to try it agaim becasue its amazing to see how we feel after we get over the hump.

  4. I can attest to that sugar withdrawal. I was dealing with recurring yeast infections and had to give up sugar. I lost weight that I couldn’t afford to and I was bitchy! I thought to myself “Huh. This is what recovering drug addicts must feel like when going through withdrawal.” LOl The struggle was real, ya’ll! LOL

  5. Am struggling daily with this issue.. Not wining so far 🙂
    But at try to substitute with sweetener at least they got less calories..

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