7 of the Best Clean Face Masks

Clean Face Masks
Surprise, surprise, I’m obsessed with clean masks! But do you blame me? Sitting in a bath with a face mask on has got to be one of the best combos in life. Especially when the mask isn’t filled with toxins and chemicals. I’ve been incorporating more into my routine, and as I’ve done some trial and error, I wanted to share the best of the best. For all my fellow face mask lovers, this list is for you!

GOOP Instant Facial ($125)
On a day when I want my skin to look its best, I use The Exfoliating Instant Facial the night before. It brightens and softens to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion but right after use my skin gets a little red hence using it the night before. Bonus, it’s formulated with USDA-certified organic ingredients and it should go without saying but it’s GP approved.

Herbivore Botanicals Brighten ($48)
I like this brand in general, and this mask in particular. My skin gets dull easily, especially in the colder months, and this bad boy spruces me up in no time. I use this the night before an event or shoot, and let the pineapple enzymes do their thing. Mix before using, as it can settle oddly if not (an issue with a lot of natural products).

Cocokind Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask ($19)
Made with organic spirulina powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic chlorella powder and organic ylang ylang oil, this is certainly not the best smelling mask I’ve put on my face, but the benefits outweigh that minor detail. To apply, you use the included spoon, place one full scoop into your palm and mix with an equal amount of water to create a chlorophyll paste. You apply the dark green paste (total Wicked Witch moment) liberally to your face for 10-20 minutes then rinse with warm water. The chlorophyll purifies the skin, helps relieve breakouts, and brings out a really beautiful natural glow.

Birchrose + Co. Antioxidant Mask ($32)
I first discovered this line through the Art of Organics subscription box, and I’m glad I did. This rich mask is a blend of clay and cacao, and it’s amazing for balancing, hydrating and clearing skin. A great every-week kinda mask.

Goldfaden Doctors Scrub ($75)
This is technically not a mask, it’s a scrub, but I think of it as a mask treatment. What’s great about it is that it’s gentle enough for daily use; however. I use it every three days to polish away dead surface cell. Formulated with anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid, seaweed and organic red tea extracts, it’s excellent for nourishment and antioxidant protection. After use, my skin is brighter, clearer and younger looking.

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask ($68)
If your skin gets clogged like mine, a clarifying mask is essential. I use this once a week to clean out my pores; the enzymatic peel effect is major. Plus, it’s actual super gentle, so it helps to soothe redness vs. making it worse. Obsessed!

What mask should I try next? Tell me, tell me!


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  1. May Lindstrom: The Problem Solver. All natural ingredients as well, but the best thing is that it comes in powder form. You activate the powder with water for use so you get max potency every time you use it. It can be a bit messy but I definitely notice an instant change with minimal redness. You should definitely give it a try! I also LOVE the Herbivore Blue Tansy mask for its natural AHAs.

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