Wellness Challenge: Stand Up for Something

Though I know this platform isn’t the place for political rants, I haven’t been exactly shy about expressing my thoughts regarding what’s happening in our country. I can’t help it.

I think we can agree that our country is in an interesting place, with negativity looming at every corner. And though it’s one thing to throw a pity party and add to the negativity (which I’ve been guilty of!), I think it’s much more powerful to do quite the opposite.

Which is why I’m hoping you’ll join me in this week’s challenge—one that I think we all owe the founding fathers of our constitution.

Challenge: Stand up for something you believe in

Whether it’s political or the furthest thing from it, I challenge you to speak up this week. Join in a conversation. Silence a bully. Sign up for a charity. Visit a homeless shelter. Coach a sports team. Call your representative. Be a mentor. Run for office. Fight for women’s rights. Start a company. Save the oceans. Attend a board meeting. Give a speech. Teach a class. Donate. Help someone. Spread love.

Whatever it may be, get involved in a way that will change your world. It doesn’t have to be grand to be personally life-changing, and I promise you’ll feel empowered speaking up.

I’m hoping that by challenging you, it’ll give me a kick in the pants to do the same. I’ve always been very involved in matters close to my heart, but TBH, the election somewhat knocked it out of me. Excited to be motivated once again!


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