Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies
First, thank you so much for all of the kind words and thoughts on my pregnancy announcement. It means the world to me! And second, I was so excited to learn that so many of you are expecting or are already moms! It feels really good to be connected to women going through the same life changes and I want to continue to build this platform as a way for us all to share and learn from one another. I was really encouraged to hear that  my personal pregnancy/mom content is of interest so plenty more to come – YAY!

And now for today’s post because morning sickness can be BRUTAL! I know first hand as I struggled with it for just about five months. By the way, why do they call it morning sickness if it lasts allll day?

Determined to help myself feel better, I researched and experimented with a handful of natural morning sickness remedies. I tried just about every trick in the book and found that for me, some worked better than others, but it’s worth trying as many as you can as everyone is different and different things work for different people.

Understanding your triggers is important as morning sickness can be caused by hormonal changes, vitamin deficiency, low blood sugar, strong smells, fatigue, stress, anxiety and/or a combination of these things. Figuring out what triggers you and what helps is half the battle, but once you know, it makes SUCH a big difference…most of the time at least.

And for when nothing else works and you aren’t at home near your own restroom, I had these with me at all times along with paper towels, water, mouthwash and EO Hand Sanitizer wipes. I relied on this emergency kit far too many times than I care to admit but it was a savior!

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies:

1. Stay hydrated.

2, Eat protein before bed such as cheese or yogurt.

3. Eat something right away when you wake up – I kept Annie’s Organic Saltine’s next to my bed and ate them a few moments after opening my eyes.

4. Don’t allow yourself to get hungry by staying ahead of your eating schedule, eat several small meals throughout the day that have carbs and protein.

5. Drink peppermint tea or water with lemon.

6. Consume ginger either fresh, boiled in hot water as tea, ginger ale, ginger brew, ginger gum or ginger chews.

7. Suck on lemon ice cubes by combining water and the juice of 3-4 lemons then freezing in an ice cube tray overnight.

8. Suck on frozen natural juice popsicles.

9. Keep apple juice near your bed at night to help with your blood sugar.

10. Suck on Preggie Pop Drops.

11. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin B.

12. Exercise.

13. Avoid strong odors where possible – this may include swapping out beauty products that trigger you (I had to change quite a few of mine).

14. Get a lot of rest.

15. Get outside for fresh air.

16. Avoid caffeine.

17. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

18. Skip foods that are spicy, fried or greasy (these feel terrible coming back up).

19. Try acupuncture.

20 Try breathing exercises, meditation and/or relaxing yoga positions.

What are some of your remedy suggestions?



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  1. Stale ginger ale no bubbles and saltines by the bed.Peppermint tea.I craved raw oats my second pregnancy that helped as well.

  2. Raspberry leaf tea can have negative side effects during pregnancy, as it has been used to induce abortions in some places.

  3. Magnesium! Our bodies get depleted of magnesium when we are pregnant. You can find liquid forms at your local health food store. Just a few drops in water 2x/day and you will never get morning sickness again. Cheers!

  4. I would advise against raspberry leaf tea until after 36 weeks as it can cause uterine contractions and even lead to miscarriage earlier in pregnancy. It is not helpful for nausea but is taken to help induce labor.

  5. Hahaaaa yes to saltines by the bed. i lived off smoothies, bagels and cream cheese, ginger ale and grapes for the first 3 months. I had signed on to work on the Xavier Dolan fil in the costume department (exciting! Amazing career opportunity!) and hated every single moment of it because I was so tired and nauseous! It was pretty brutal. I carried saltines in my purse and would munch away while shopping miserably

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