How To Start Oil Cleansing And Why

Depending on the season or my current state of complexion, I’m always changing up my skincare routine – with oil cleansing being my latest experiment. At first thought, the idea of cleansing with oil didn’t sound like it would be very effective, but it surprisingly is. And the best part is that oil cleansing is so much more gentle on my skin than harsh cleansers, which is exactly what I need when my skin flares up.

Oil cleansing is super simple to do – you don’t even need water or a sink! Just pour a small amount of oil into your palms and gently massage it onto your face. Then, wipe your face clean with a cotton pad or washcloth (you don’t need to rinse with water). If you’re wearing eye makeup, or just a lot of makeup in general, you can repeat this step a second time. Pro tip: I tend to steer clear of comedogenic oils like coconut oil, since they can clog your pores. I opt for lighter, but still effective oils like jojoba and grapeseed, which are the ingredients found in my favorite cleansing oil by Primally Pure.

Some other benefits I’ve experienced from oil cleansing include:

Improves oily skin

Sometimes I feel like I’m a teenager again with hormonal breakouts around my jawline #ugh. And for some reason my skin has just become more oily overall lately. Contrary to what you might think, most oils (non-comedogenic ones) can be used on all skin types – even oily, breakout-prone skin. This is because they actually mimic the oil your skin produces, which tricks it into producing less (score)! And when you’re producing less sebum, you’ll have less breakouts and clearer skin.

Removes makeup & dirt better

Oil removes makeup so much easier than soap and water, and it requires less rubbing on your sensitive and wrinkle-prone eye area. I especially love how effective it is for removing eye makeup (and moisturizing my eyelashes at the same time). Oil naturally binds with dirt to remove impurities from your pores, so it’s great for removing built up dirt and bacteria from your skin.

Anti-aging benefits

Oils are rich in antioxidants, which combat damaging free radicals (found in our air, food, etc.) that can cause premature aging. Using oils to cleanse is an easy way to let your skin soak up some extra vitamins and antioxidants. Also, with their rich fatty acid content, plant-based oils help naturally hydrate and plump up your skin. And the more hydrated your skin is, the less wrinkles you’re likely to see pop up.



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  1. I’ve always had oily skin + acne, and the only thing that ever worked for me was only using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I can tell you it was not a natural thing for me to try out (put more oil on my oily skin???) but it made a massive change and I can’t speak for everyone, but I really think that it’s something people should try out!
    Lucie, xx

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