Are You Batching Tasks? Here’s Why You Should.

One thing that I’ve learned since quitting my job at and becoming a blogger full-time is the value of productivity. When you’re working for yourself or have major flexibility in your job, it’s incredibly easy to get off task. The first month I found myself finding every excuse in the book to NOT be at my computer, and my brain was often frazzled from switching from work to calls to chores to whatever.

I’d heard about batching tasks before, but it wasn’t until I read The 4-Hour Work Week  that it really stuck. (And yes, we’re kinda obsessed with this book – can you tell? #notsponsored).

With flexibility in anything comes the choice to work on whatever you want at a given time, which seems great. But in reality, it involves your mind jumping from task to whatever it is distracting you next. And since it takes our brains a good twenty minutes to refocus on a task, that’s a lot of wasted time!

Challenge: Focus on one task at a time

I’ve been working on scheduling likemind tasks for the same day, then switching it up the next day and so on. For example:

  • Mondays: Emails! Catching up on chores like laundry from the weekend.
  • Tuesdays: Conference calls and content brainstorming. Big picture thinking, planning.
  • Wednesdays: Out of the house for meetings and errands (no more running out a few times a day, and this way, I only have to get fully ready a few times a week)
  • Thursday: Writing and home chores – I think of it as my cozy day.
  • Friday: Emails!

Now, my week definitely doesn’t look like that every single week, and I know my tasks might not apply to you directly, but the overall idea should.

Where in your life can you batch tasks to make things easier? Try not keeping your email tabs open all day everyday, and at the least, check emails 3 times a day, for an hour a day. Attempt to schedule calls for the same afternoon so you can get in that zone. Batch errands together – no matter if they’re for work or home life – so you’re only out and about every so often.

Get the drift? Have you tried batching tasks? Wanna try this week??



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  1. I like to set aside 5-10 minutes every morning to read other posts. I’ll usually check my blog email 1-2 times a week, which is usually enough because I’m still relatively small. I combine my brainstorming day with my outdoors day because I’m most creative sitting in a cafe. Batching will be great for when I get busier, thanks for sharing!
    Nicolette |

  2. Definitely a big believer in batching tasks. I like to concentrate my meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I have 4-hour blocks in my calendar so that people can’t book meetings against those times; I use those blocks for any work I do that requires intense focus and concentration.

  3. This concept is so helpful. I’m definitely going to test it out. I love the idea of only going through emails on Mondays and Fridays and putting all errands together on one day a week.

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