The Facial Pressure Point Massage You Need In Your Life

Facial Pressure Point Massage

Turns out there’s more to an effective, anti-aging skincare routine than just using the right products. It’s no surprise that massages are great for our health and overall stress relief, but who would have thought a massage could help with anti-aging? I certainly didn’t, at least until I learned about facial massages.

When I initially read about the benefits that come from a facial massage, I was pretty impressed. When we sleep, fluids can build up and cause bags around our eyes and puffiness on our face, which can eventually turn into wrinkles. Facial massage really helps your body with drainage and keeping things moving. Plus, hitting pressure points are great for stress and anxiety.

Treating yourself to a facial pressure point massage is actually easier than you might think, and can help not only with reducing fine lines, but also with bringing your body into balance and boosting overall energy levels.

The best part about a facial massage is that you can give one to yourself – no need to book an expensive appointment at a fancy spa (although that’s always nice, too!). You can learn how to give yourself a facial massage and all about the key facial pressure points here.

Challenge: Give yourself a facial massage

These last few days, I’ve been giving myself a short facial massage twice daily (first thing in the morning and right before bed). I’ve totally noticed a difference in the way my face feels and looks – I feel less congested and less puffy overall. And I’m surprised at how much I enjoy giving myself these facial massages – they’re super relaxing, and something I really look forward to!

Who’s going to try giving themselves a facial pressure point massage with me this week? Oh, and pro tip: don’t forget to wash your hands before you touch your face!


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