My Pregnancy Fall Wardrobe Staples

fall pregnancy staples

fall pregnancy staples
There’s something so beautiful about watching your body flourish and expand as it makes room to grow your little one; the female body is truly a remarkable temple. I’ve felt surprisingly sexy (although I’m not sure how long that will last as I’m starting to I close in on the third trimester and am expanding by the second) and feminine, which has helped tremendously when facing the challenges of getting dressed.

For the first four or so months, I made a concerted effort to conceal the bump which was fairly easy but now that fall is here and my secrets out, I’ve started to find my “bump style” by playing with basics and mixing in autumn 2017 trends. I’ve found that I gravitate toward pieces that make me feel current and cool, things that aren’t too dowdy, and items I can reach for over and over again to get good mileage out of for the next few months. For example:

1. Silk slip dresses
I wrote about the silk slip dress early last spring as a trend that I was excited for, and luckily, it’s still going strong. During the first trimester I still fit into the two that I already owned but as those got increasingly tighter, I purchased one in black in a size up and can’t tell you how much I wear this. I dress it up and down, wear it to business meetings, and out for date night. I love it because I’m basically in a nightgown. The two I like are the Vince Bias Midi Dress (on sale for $114) and Hatch Ricky Slip Dress ($278  and this is an actual maternity dress).

2. Leather pants, faux or real
My girlfriend Monica Rose is a celebrity stylist and a mom of three, so she was one of the first people I turned to when my regular clothes were starting not to fit. She suggested buying a pair of low rise leather pants, real or fake, one size up, as she swore by them for all her pregnancies. I took her advice and so far so good. They give me a bit of an edge on days when I feel like a frumpy pregnant mess and add good texture under drapey layers – something I plan to wear a lot of once the temperature drops a bit more.

3. Madewell maternity jeans
All the fancy denim brands make maternity jeans which are all really cute but a bit pricey, so Madewell’s recent launch of maternity jeans couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve kept an eye on them and as soon as they went on sale, I bought two pairs and they fit really well. Lucky for me (and possibly you!) they’re on sale right now here. $69.99 = done and done!

4. Outerwear
I’m an outerwear girl. I love me a good coat, blazer, vest, et al, and besides accessories, outerwear seems to be the only thing I can still buy in my usual size. Soooo I’ve added a few fun pieces to my wardrobe that make me feel current and cool (and work well with my go-to slip dresses and leather pants) and I’ll wear a ton postpartum. Some recent additions: Anine Bing Vintate Leather Jacket ($999), Guess Luke Lace-Up Bomber ($128), Reformation Plaid Lazer Blazer ($248) & Club Monaco Millennie Coat ($498).

5. Kimonos
Similar to silk slip dresses, kimonos have been trending for a while now and it’s dream timing for pregnancy (thank you, Chrissy Teigan for popularizing). I throw kimonos on over little dresses, leather pants and a t-shirt, or wear them belted as a dress for evening. Again, they’re basically like pajamas aka heaven.

6. Drawstring silk pants
Continuing on the pajama theme, silk drawstring pants are another go-to. When the bump was small enough, they were cute high waisted but now  I wear them slung around my hips with cool slides and oversized sunglasses. My favorite pair are the Anine Bing Piper Silk Pants ($229).

7. A newsie hat
This isn’t maternity specific per say but I’ve really enjoyed tossing on a cute hat on days when I need a little juuuuuj or just can’t deal. And this fall, it’s all about the newsie hat. Some good ones: ZARA Velvet Nautical Cap ($22.90) and the Janessa Leone Mattie ($209).

And that’s it so far! More to come as my style unfolds…

Any tips or recommendations on what to wear or where to shop? I’m all ears!


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