Wellness Challenge: Finding Hygge

Many of you have probably heard the term “hygge” being tossed around lately, and if you’re like me, you had no idea what that meant (or maybe I’m the only one, ha). Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept basically encompasses a feeling of coziness and well-being through being at home and enjoying the simple things in life. Which, hello, I’m all about!

In today’s world, where it feels like there’s a constant stream of news events and stress to overwhelm us, it’s important to take time out to find your hygge and feed your soul. Life has gotten so complicated, and to help ground us, we could all benefit from finding more joy in the more simple things in life.

We probably all experienced hygge in different ways without even knowing it – for some of us, it may mean reading a book near the fire on a rainy Sunday, or enjoying a cup of tea in the sun when you first wake up. For others, it’s re-decorating your living room for the holiday season and cozying up on the couch to a scented candle.

I’ve been experiencing hygge a lot more often lately, since I’ve been nesting for the baby. Something about clearing out the guest room and bringing in fresh things for our new little arrival has given me such satisfaction and joy.

Challenge: Find your personal hygge

I’ve been trying to find hygge in other daily activities and making those more of a priority. One thing I think I’ll make a ritual is a nightly bath – it’s just so simple and relaxing for me. I’ve been adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to my baths, and that’s helped contribute to all the homey feelings.

This week, try making a list of some simple things you could do during your day that will help you find hygge. If you’re having trouble, start with taking note of the things you love to do in your free time, or the things you know help relax you. From there, it should be easier to connect the dots on how to find hygge more often. For example, if you love doing yoga, find a small space in your home to set up a meditation area where you can go to unwind. Once you identify which things help you find hygge, you can make them more of a priority – it’s time to start enjoying the simple things in life more regularly!

Who’s going to find their hygge with me this week? What are some of the things you have in mind to help you get there?


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  1. Living in Copenhagen, we (me and my bf) hygge almost every night. But it mostly means we cook dinner, listen to jazz while having a glass of wine, stay on the sofa, talk about each other’s day and maybe sometimes watch a show. I really think people spend and interpret “hygge” in many different ways here. Like for example, disconnecting from TV or phone for a day and enjoying a good book.However, I am happy for you to find your inner “hygge” and hope you enjoy your week. Xo, Miha 🙂


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