4 Ways to Prep for a Healthy Holiday

4 Ways to Prep for a Healthy Holiday

4 Ways to Prep for a Healthy Holiday
It’s officially cozy season, which is obviously a welcomed time, but it’s also a difficult one when it comes to health – at least for me. Couple the seasonal laziness with all the heavy food and drinks served at holiday parties, and it’s no surprise that I usually feel more weighed down during the holidays – physically and mentally. Anyone else? I’ve been reading up on ways to nix these usual ways of mine, and here’s what I’m dedicated to in order to combat a holiday slump.

Mid-day workouts

There’s something about cold, dark mornings that don’t scream workout motivation to me – or probably anyone else reading. So, to get around just giving up workouts for a solid 2+ months, I’m dedicating lunch hours to workouts. It’s not ideal, but it’s surprisingly refreshing to step away from the computer for an hour. Some days it’s a class, others it’s just a brisk walk – movement is movement!

Fill up on healthier options

Dieting is nearly impossible this time of year because of all the things, but I find that trying to ADD healthy stuff to my diet helps me to lessen the bad stuff overall. Wanna know how? When you’re attending a holiday event like a potluck, offer to bring a healthy dish like veggies and dip or a festive salad – then fill your plate with it. If you’re going out to dinner or attending a fully hosted event where you can’t control what’s served, try filling up on healthier options before you even leave your house. Once you’re full on the nutritious stuff, you’ll be less likely to go overboard on the unhealthy stuff.

Stay hydrated

A lot of what we consume during the holidays can dehydrate us (think salty appetizers and red wine), which is why it’s extra important to stay hydrated this time of year. If you’re drinking alcohol at an event, aim to have a glass of water in between each drink. You can even try a wine glass full of sparkling water with a few pomegranate seeds in it if you want to feel extra special (I love how bougie I feel when I do this!).

Schedule self-love

Not only does our body take a beating during the holidays (if we’re not careful), but our minds are on overdrive as well. And since the two need to work hand-in-hand to create a healthy system, it’s crucial to take care of both. Do your best to schedule in you time every single day – whether it’s a bath and a face mask, or a meditation sesh before bed. Care for your entire being as much as possible!

Do you have any other tips that have helped you prepare for a healthy holiday season in the past?

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  1. Geri, I’m with you on the mornings being hard for workouts this time of year! Also trying the lunchtime workout option…it isn’t my favorite, but I do find myself always feeling better afterwards. : )

    Along the wellness route, I’ve been particularly loving The Beauty Chef’s “Hydration” tonic. It somehow really does make me feel more hydrated than just water, and tastes fantastic. I also have added a packet of “Goop Glow” to my usual morning warm water and lemon.

    You are looking great and love hearing about your final weeks before the baby!



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