7 Wellness Items To Stock Up On For Black Friday

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Besides the family time, days off, and delicious food, the other big perk of Thanksgiving weekend are the deals to be had. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent days to shop (IMHO!), especially in the wellness category, an area where sales aren’t as frequent.

If you’re looking to invest in yourself and your wellness routine, here are some sales to consider taking advantage of:

1. Your favorite, or new, workout classes

Most workout studios generally have some sort of deal around this time of year – take advantage! Call around and buy up classes to your go-to studios, or if there are other workouts you’ve been itching to try, invest in them now. It’s the perfect time of year to shake up your routine anyway!

Some ideas in LA (although I’m not 100% certain what deals they’re offering but I will personally be looking into these for myself come Friday): Tracy AndersonThe Class by Taryn Toomey, Bar Belle, Rise NationBody by Simone, LEKFIT and perhaps Stretch Lab (the new stretch studio). And if you’re a ClassPass person, it’s worth checking out their offers.

2. Favorite beauty items

If I run out of any of my go-to clean beauty items in November, I resist buying them until Thanksgiving week because inevitably, there’s a sale somewhere. It’s an excellent time to restock or buy some of the products you’ve been interested in trying. Or maybe you want to add some more clean beauty to your routine? Give someone the gift of skincare?! Do ittttt while the deals are good!

Some places to shop for clean beauty: Credo, goop (I’m personally hoping their instant facial goes on sale – I’m out and need a refill!), Cap Beauty, Detox Market, Sephora (for certain brands like RMS) and check out this list from Amazon.

​3. Workout gear

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to spend a lot of money on my workout gear. I’m just so hard on it all, but sales make the splurges much easier to stomach.

Some brands I’ll be stalking: Outdoor Voices, Alo Yoga, and pretty much anything from Nordstrom since they do such major markdowns.

4. Kitchen items

A lot of my friends this year are focused on eating more at home for both budget and dietary reasons. If you’re on that train, now is an excellent time to add some appliances/and or tools to your kitchen.

Some ideas: A spiralizer, Vitamix, pots & pans, chef’s knife, glass storage containers, healthy cookbooks, a tea kettle.

5. Appliances

Diffusing, humidifying and purifying are excellent things to add into your life if you’re looking to zen out, help your sinuses and/or clean the air. Not your typical “wellness routine” must-haves, but they can do wonders for your space. The other thing to consider is a new vacuum because dust can really take its toll on your health.

Some ideas: Diffuser, humidifier, dyson air purifier, dyson vacuum.

6. Bedding

If new sheets or a new mattress are high on your priority list, it’s worth shopping options during this discount time of year. I’m an advocate for buying organic sheets and mattresses since we spend one third of our life in bed.

Some organic brands to consider: Boll & Branch and Parachute (offering 20% off Nov 24-27th).

7. Supplements

Have you been eying beauty dust or Ashwaganda? Or perhaps you want to try a new protein powder for your smoothies? It’s worth shopping these items this week since they can be costly and you may not love them. Oh, and, now is a great time to update your water bottle game. My personal favorite: BKR.

Some supplements to consider: Fish Oil, B12, Vitamin D (especially during winter), chia seeds, collagen.

What wellness items are you putting on your sale list?

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