Wellness Challenge: Self-love Bath

We talk a lot about self-love on this site, yet we don’t always include that theme in the weekly challenges. I usually like to push myself (and you guys) to do something new, or maybe something a bit more outside of the box – but since life has been nuts (lots of holiday travel, work stuff, growing a baby and all), I wanted to keep this week’s post as simple as can be. Which is why I’m writing about one of my absolute favorite ways to up the wellness AND self-love in my days. It’s so easy, even the busiest of women can make time for it.

All you need is a tub of sorts, a relaxing bath combo, music of your choice (or a meditation app like Headspace if you want to go that route), and a lock on your door. That’s it!

Challenge: Take at least one bath this week

Not only is this a nice way to switch up cleansing yourself, but it’s the ultimate way to relax & warm up after a big day. Nothing clears my head or feels better against my skin than warm water, and when you can add in a book or meditation, your nervous system will quickly wind down (get for reducing stress).

Ask your family members to leave you alone for the 20-minute session, and who knows, maybe this can become a regular thing in your schedule – it should! Take the challenge a step further and leave your phone on Airplane Mode during the bath. Once you step out, lather yourself in a body balm of your choice, and enjoy peaceful vibes all night long. And not to mention an epic night of sleep!

So how easy and relaxing does this sound?? Please, please make the time for this this week – you deserve it.

Let me know if you have any bath essentials that I need to add to my ever-growing list!

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