3 Products To Help With Daylight Savings

I’ve never been a proponent of daylight savings in general, and come this time of year when it’s pitch black and COLD when my alarm goes off, I absolutely hate it. Energy to get out of bed is minimal, as is motivation for a workout or pretty much anything, if I’m honest. But since laying under the covers until the sun rises isn’t always an option, I’ve been relying on a few ahhmazing products to help make things a little easier. And they do help!

Plant Apothecary WAKE UP Body Wash

The packaging got me here, but luckily what’s inside is just as great. This organic body wash filled with essential oils like rosemary and lemongrass (which help to revive the body + mind) not only smells incredible, but it’s a welcomed boost during my morning shower as well. Love the fact that this only has 8 ingredients, too.

FIG + YARROW Coffee Scrub

Another shower must-have! For the days where I’m really dragging, I treat myself to a gentle rub down with this invigorating and antioxidizing scrub. A true slice of heaven when it’s dark and freezing. Pro tip: Leave this on your body while you shampoo for the smoothest skin eva!

Palermo Aromatherapy Roller

A friend gave me these a while back and I can’t remember a day when I haven’t used one. I keep the Enlivening stick in my desk, and it’s part of my routine to start the work day. It’s made up of essential oils like grapefruit, lemongrass, and tea tree, which are supposed to stimulate concentration and inspire productivity. I roll it over my temples for about 30 seconds each side, then on the inner parts of my wrist, too. Obsessed!

What’s helping you with this time of year?

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  1. This season I’ve been trying to get out as much as possible during daylight hours, even if it’s just for quick walks, instead of being cooped up all day in the office or hibernating in my apartment. Really makes a difference.

  2. It’s funny you put it this way, you actually want to STAY on Daylight Saving time through the Winter, it just “ended.” It is kept in place largely due to US Gas/Convenient Store Lobbiest support, on the idea in the Summer it extends evening shopping hours. Not a thing farmers like. I just don’t like the process of shifting the time twice per year, and that is DEFINITELY bad for our circadian rhythm. Per wikipedie: “DST is generally not observed near the equator, where sunrise times do not vary enough to justify it. Some countries observe it only in some regions; for example, southern Brazil observes it while equatorial Brazil does not.”

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