Wellness Challenge: Reconnecting With Yourself

There’s something about being pregnant that’s made me nest in more ways that cleaning up our guest room – though that’s top of my list right now. I’ve been getting in the habit of looking at old photos (both physical or digital), reading old journals, listening to old CDs (YUP!), and basically looking back on my past that seems to have a bigger meaning now. It’s brought up mixed emotions – some good, some bad, some hilarious – and memories I hadn’t thought of in years. And though not every memory has been filled with rainbows, it’s been an amazing time of self-reflection.

Challenge: Reconnect with an earlier self

If you haven’t done so in some time, I challenge you to find an earlier version of yourself and connect with that. See how far you’ve come, remember old faces, what lessons you’ve learned, what mistakes you’ve made, what you would have told that younger self (and for me, that’s involved what lessons I’d especially like to instill in my child). Maybe even scribble down some things you’re thankful for since that time in life or people you want to reach out to and reconnect with.

Let go of judgement (helloooo 90s hair and makeup) on your younger self and past mistakes, let bad memories go, and laugh at all the funny stuff that you may find.

Enjoy the re-connection! Let me know how it goes!

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