My Current Skincare Routine

clean beauty products

clean beauty products   clean beauty products
Skincare! My favorite topic! I love to know what products people are using, how often they use them and in what order. And if their skin is reallllly good, I love to dive deeper into their diets, wellness routines and hygienic habits (do you wash your face before you workout? what laundry detergent do you use? what kind of bed do you sleep on, etc.?). It’s truly the best way to continue to adjust my own skincare routine which is ALWAYS in flux.

My own skincare routine is also the beauty question I get asked most (especially on IG) soooo, here is an update! During pregnancy, my skincare routine has changed entirely. All of the products that I loved and used before another human took over my system no longer worked for me – not because they didn’t help my skin, but because they didn’t work for my morning sickness. The smell of everything I once used made me sick, without fail, so I switched it up and switched it up and switched it up some more until I found the mildest items my nose and stomach could take.

And now, this is my current VERY simple situation:

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover

I’ve written about this before and am still going strong with this cleanser. I’m going on month three now and believe it or not, I’m on the same bottle. You don’t need much, but it works wonders at removing makeup and cleansing the skin. You apply it to dry skin – which is different than what I’m used to – but I’ve found that applying to dry skin ensures I cover my entire punim (when I splash with water first, it’s all wet, so it’s not as clear which spots I’ve managed to scrub yet). I use this at night and generally don’t wash my face with product again in the morning unless I’ve worked out, I just rinse with water in the shower.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Rose Oil

Hyaluronic acid is a little complicated. First, it’s not actually an acid. It’s a sugar. Also, it’s a sponge. Every molecule can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. But one thing about hyaluronic acid has always been 100 percent straightforward: It’s a skincare star. It helps replenish moisture (bc of the amount of water it holds) which is crucial for young looking skin, and it revitalizes the outer layer so that you look softer, smoother and glowey. I swear by it and tons of brands make them like OSEA and SkinCeuticals. etc. The one I use is bottled up by my facialist who unfortunately doesn’t sell online. I use this morning and night.


One of my favorite evening activities is putting on a mask and relaxing while it does its job. Two of my go-to favorites at the moment are goop’s Instant Facial (this only takes two minutes so it’s less about relaxing) and May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud. I use goop’s the day before I have something I want to look extra glowey for and the honey mud in between. I love to follow these up with Tata Harper’s Contouring Eye Mask which is basically like a thick eye cream (which I sleep in!). And if I’m really ambitious, I’ll slide on some French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish for a little lip treatment.​

Root Science Eye Serum

This is my go-to serum for under the eyes RN (an area where I’ve noticed quite a bit of aging in the last few years). I keep it bedside and if I don’t have on the Tata Harper’s  Contouring Eye Mask, I put this on.

Daily SPF

The one product I haven’t really been able to swap out for a cleaner alternative is a moisturizer with SPF. I’m still using my same old, same old (which I really happen to like): Kate Somerville ‘Daily Deflector’ Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Anti-Aging Sunscreen Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Anti-Aging

Monthly Facials

Last but not least, I get monthly facials. It makes a huge difference for my skin, combating breakouts, clearing up congestion and it’s so freaking relaxing that that alone makes me look younger.

What are your skin go-to’s right now?

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  1. Great skincare routine! I’m trying a lot of new products at the moment but I feel like I’m slowly finding what I like and what I don’t!

    Olga from Myme

  2. Thanks for sharing! You have amazing skin! My routine changed so much when I got pregnant but mostly to make sure I was using things hat were chemical free, but also because my hormones were making my already acne prone skin worse. I invested in a LED face mask that has helped as well! I also changed my makeup…. I’d love to know what make up brands you use!

  3. Crazy question but when you get facials, do you worry about laying on your back too long? I’m in my second trimester and getting a facial tomorrow and I’m concerned about this! (and everything else…sigh)

    1. Not crazy, I 100% worry about that too and lay on my side with my face up – flipping right to left every so often once my hips need a change. Hope that helps! xx

  4. When I discovered I was pregnant (pre nausea) I treated myself to a bunch of Tata Harper products, wanting to be as natural as possible throughout my pregnancy and beyond…well my baby is almost a year old but those smells will haunt me till the day I die!

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